Fight Over Pendergrass Estate Ends In Fraud Ruling

UNSPECIFIED – SEPTEMBER 04: Photo of Teddy Pendergrass. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
We have witnessed all sorts of shenanigans when celebrities die in regards to who controls their estates. Let’s add acclaimed and deceased soul singer Teddy Pendergrass to the mix of entertainers whose family embarked in a feud after their death.A Montgomery County Court judge has ruled that Teddy Pendergrass’s son submitted a fraudulent will to try to gain control of the singer’s estate.The decision from Judge Stanley Ott does not bode well for Theodore “Ted” Pendergrass II being that the Teddy senior’s estate will remain under the control of his second wife, Joan.Each side presented different versions of the late singer’s will. The will submitted by Joan Pendergrass made her the primary beneficiary. Ted Pendergrass II argued that a second will, dated May 2009, left the estate to him.Ott ruled that the second document was fraudulent. He also found that Ted Pendergrass’s testimony about the will was “wholly lacking in credibility,” according to the ruling, filed Tuesday.According to the testimony, Teddy Pendergrass died with little money but the fight in court had more to do with the fight over the singer’s legacy. According to Ted Pendergrass’s lawyer, he is planning to appeal the ruling, therefore, the saga may continue. Teddy was also in the news here as the transgendered woman who was in the car when it crashed tells her side of the story.

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