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Being a Black Man is Dangerous to Your Being… a Black man is…

Being a black man is dangerous to your Being... a black man is dangerous to your Being... It is really hard to convince me that there is not a war on black men in this country even by some people in the black community.

Best Radio Shows in the Country?

I was in the midst of putting the list together for the Top Radio shows this week when I got this email this morning and thought what a great list this is and from a different perspective. This list does not include syndicated shows. but LOCAL radio shows.  I'd like to thank Party Man (thepartymantvshow.com) for his input. Do you agree with this list? (This list is not in any order of best to worst etc). Click "NEXT" to see the next "Best Radio Show in the Country"Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith – V103 Atlanta

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