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Fans morn the loss of Columbus, GA Radio DJ David Jackson


Radio Facts: Fans morn the loss of Columbus, GA jock David JacksonTwenty-five-year-old  David Heath Jackson was known to many in Columbus as simply, Heath, the morning radio personality and program director at WBOJ 88.5 The Truth.”He was kind, compassionate, he was funny, he was charming, he was a cut-up but I think the most important think for people to know first and foremost was that he loved Jesus with all of his heart,” said friend Theresa Garcia.Garcia says that Heath was known for his beautiful voice and musical abilities that he got from his mother (read more here)

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  1. F**k the piece of sh*t n***er who did this. I hope he goes through so much hell in prison and is killed slow and painfully. I know this comment will be deleted but I must type this somewhere, I’m highly enraged.

  2. Heath was a great friend, I’m not sure who posted the comments below but the racism is not cool, I agree the man that did this is an awful excuse for a person. However that has nothing to do with his skin color. R.I.P Heath I’ll see you when I get there.
    For clarification I’m a different Michael Weaver than the racist fool who posted previously.


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