Extended Video of George Floyd Arrest an Absolute Murder by Minneapolis Police


The value of this man’s entire equated to less than a fake $20.00 Bill

Out of all the injustices we’ve seen against black men by the police this has got to be the most brutal and abhorrent to date. The look in the officer’s eyes who has his knee on his neck is the look of a man with no soul or compassion but pure hatred. They are asking George to get in the car and he can’t even move.

The check-cashing place owner who called the police later comes out and admits that he doesn’t think George knew he had a counterfeit bill. He will have to live with the choice of calling the police and seeing this man murdered for the rest of his life over a fake $100 bill.

The officer hired to “protect and serve” has an icy glare and is cavalier while he commits a murder on camera. Anyone who watches this has to be convinced he absolutely intended to kill this man. The fact that he was warned by onlookers and the cowardly Asian cop who stands by and watches the murder.

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