ESPN 980 Hosts Suspended for Remarks about Transgender Basketball Player

 width=When ESPN host Steve Czaban said,”Whatever you’ve got to do to scratch that inner itch and quell those inner demons, that’s fine. But don’t go playing sports then. (And don’t say) I’ve got the rights of everyone else” and other comments pertaining to a transgender basketball player, he probably didn’t anticipate being suspended from his job.Two hosts for ESPN 980 sports talk radio station in Washington, D.C., were suspended Tuesday for insensitive on-air remarks about transgender basketball player, Gabrielle Ludwig that plays on a women’s junior college team in California. width=Afternoon drive-time hosts Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban had made brief apologies Monday for remarks made last week in discussing a USA TODAY Sports story about Gabrielle Ludwig but the apology stood on deaf ears as both hosts were suspended for their insensitive comments.In a statement Tuesday, the station said the announcers “crossed the line” and “such intolerance and insensitivity will never be tolerated by this station,” adding they will be “temporarily removed” from the air. Chuck Sapienza, vice president for programming for the station, Monday said that Pollin and Czaban had made remarks “that were extremely insensitive, and their actions were dealt with internally in a swift manner. But due to the language of their contracts, we are not allowed to comment publicly on any disciplinary action.”

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