Entrepreneur Do’s and Don’ts


Woman standing in front of retail store.

Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, there are other aspects of it that are very challenging. When you’re the boss, it is often difficult to have leverage or camaraderie with people that work for you. You have to maintain a level of authority. Most of the time, entrepreneurs, surround themselves with other entrepreneurs because they understand each other best.

Working for yourself is and is not what people think. You do not sit around idly twiddling your thumbs waiting for money to pour in all day long with no effort…. it’s work and nonstop work. While other people punch the clock at 5 o’clock, entrepreneurs continue to work throughout the day and night.

At times, some of the best ideas come to entrepreneurs in the middle of the night. We don’t always feel like motivating ourselves but is it is essential to our success. After 21 years, here are some tips I can share with you on lessons that I have learned the hard way. You’re welcome… (lol) Click NEXT above or below for next segment