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Eminem Interview by Angela Yee

appeared on â„¢s The Morning After with on Shade 45, channel 45 and XM channel 66, yesterday.

The Morning After airs Monday ” Friday from 8:00 am ” noon ET on Shade 45, SIRIUS channel 45 and XM channel 66.

Shade 45 is SIRIUS XMâ„¢s uncensored, commercial-free hip-hop channel created by Eminem, Shady Records, Interscope Records and SIRIUS. Below are excerpts from the interview.

Eminem on hip-hop:

ANGELA YEE: Now I was reading about how you said that you were inspired by and and their albums. Would you work with ? Because he very badly wants to work with you.

EMINEM: I would. I mean, there hasnâ„¢t really, necessarily, been a time for me to like really get out there and do collaborations lately, because Iâ„¢ve been so locked in the studio. But Iâ„¢m open for whatever. There are a lot of in the game that I respect. Especially right now. I think I might have mentioned in one of the articles that I did lately, that for a while it seemed like hip-hop was not really in a good place for a good three or four years. It seemed like all anybody really cared about was making a, having a dope beat and making a good hook and there was kind of no substance. It seems to be coming back ¦with like Lil Wayne, like T.I., . I like a lot too. It just seems like itâ„¢s getting back to being in a good place again.

EMINEM: And especially because I am back. So I think that hip-hop will really be in a great place, because I am back.

Eminem on :

ANGELA YEE: How do you feel about Kim Kardashian being honored to be in your video? Some people ¦might get offended. But she took the other route and she said she canâ„¢t believe, sheâ„¢s the biggest fan of yours. Sheâ„¢s very excited.

EMINEM: I donâ„¢t know if sheâ„¢s gonna be honored when the record comes out.

ANGELA YEE: She said it already.

EMINEM: When the actual album comes out, I donâ„¢t know if sheâ„¢s gonna be honored.

ANGELA YEE: Why not?

EMINEM: Nah, Iâ„¢m kidding.

EMINEM: No, itâ„¢s cool. Honestly, Ange, you know me, Iâ„¢ve spent my career taking shots at celebrities and itâ„¢s kinda been ¦itâ„¢s not really meant to ¦.itâ„¢s just to be taken at face value. Thereâ„¢s never a deeper meaning, when people think that Iâ„¢m doing it to just ¦well I guess I am doing it to just do it ¦


ANGELA YEE: ¦Kim Kardashian, you should be honored. Eminem just spoofed you in a video ¦

EMINEM: I think itâ„¢s cool. She took it like a good sport ¦I think itâ„¢s cool when people do that. And theyâ„¢re kinda just like, Ëœoh, thatâ„¢s him.â„¢

ANGELA YEE: now you know who you have to spoof next?

EMINEM: Whoâ„¢s that?

ANGELA YEE: Bill Oâ„¢Reilly, because he was taking some shots at you.

EMINEM: That is funny.

ANGELA YEE: You think heâ„¢s funny?

EMINEM: Oh yeah, heâ„¢s hilarious. When I seen the thing, when I was surfing the Internet, which I do so much ¦


EMINEM: I seen it and I was like ¦.it is what it is.

ANGELA YEE: Thatâ„¢s what he does.

EMINEM: Yeah, itâ„¢s exactly, I guess itâ„¢s what he does in his world ¦

ANGELA YEE: He attacks whatever hip-hop artist is at the top of their game, at the moment.

EMINEM: Yeah, exactly.

Eminem on acting:

ANGELA YEE: People want to know about movies and acting. You did 8 Mile. Everybody thought you did a fantastic job in that movie. Thatâ„¢s a classic movie. And then thereâ„¢s been talk about you being in other things ¦are you doing anymore acting?

EMINEM: As of right now, Iâ„¢m not. But weâ„¢re open to scripts. And Iâ„¢m definitely looking to getting back into it ¦soon. I donâ„¢t know exactly how soon, but soon.

PAUL ROSENBERG (Eminemâ„¢s manager): Heâ„¢s got a cameo coming up. But he canâ„¢t tell you what it is.

ANGELA YEE: A cameo coming up, OK. You did already, though, the cameo?

EMINEM: Canâ„¢t tell you what it is. Or what movie. Or what I did in it.

ANGELA YEE: But you did do a cameo?

EMINEM: Yeah, somewhere along the line ¦.last year.

ANGELA YEE: Is it a comedy or a drama? Can we know that?

EMINEM: Canâ„¢t tell you.

ANGELA YEE: A murder mystery?

EMINEM: A murder mystery, comedy, epic, drama, Disney movie.

PAUL ROSENBERG (Eminemâ„¢s manager): Thatâ„¢s coming out this summer.

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