Elizabeth Grattan, a WGN radio employee has been arrested for a New Year’s day fight with her ex-boyfriend in Chicago.


Radio Facts: EG12Elizabeth Grattan, who has worked on and off the air was arrested at 5:35am in the 1500 block of Wieland Avenue, was taken in to custody after the man called 911 when she allegedly broke the front window of his apartment and then climbed in.The two were heard arguing and when the police arrived they described Grattan as ‘highly intoxicated’, irate and was yelling at the officers saying ‘you can’t put your hands on me’.Grattan had cuts on her hands from climbing in the broken window and she apparently resisted arrest when she kept flailing her arms at the police.On her blog, Grattan explained the incident, saying she was invited to a New Year’s Eve party at her ex-boyfriend’s and realized he was in bed with another woman while she was tehre. She then threw her drink in his face.


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