Ebro and JB Smoove Discuss Chris Rock’s Oscar Dilemma and Society


JB Smoove has been in the comedy game for quite a long time. You would be surprised about how old he is and he is not ashamed of it. JB Smoove is also making so many moves behind the scenes that you may also be surprised by his amazing business acumen. He dropped by Ebro in the Morning and talks 4 Courses, Hollywood, The Oscars, Nicki Minaj Sitcom, Barbershop 3 and much much more.The conversation gets interesting when JB and Ebro’s morning crew talk about Chris Rock’s upcoming dilemma at the Oscars. Some people want Chris to boycott while others want him to use the platform to expose the Academy for it’s lack of diversity. Knowing Chris, JB adds his perspective on what he thinks Chris will do. They also talk about society’s bigger issues and what we need to do to solve them. Check out the interview below.https://youtu.be/CwcQRpEVBAo


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