Ebro in the Morning Discusses Lil Kim Being One of the Most Disrespected Icons in the Game (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Lil’ Kim being one of the most disrespected icons in the game. Lil’ Kim collaborated on a track with Megan Thee stallion. The song is called the Plan B remix. Rosenberg said in the song that Lil’ Kim is talking about a man. Based on the lyrics the radio DJ said, listeners, can clearly tell that she is talking about a theoretical ex-boyfriend. However, 50 Cent claimed that Lil’ Kim was talking about Nicki Minaj.

    50 Cent called out Nicki Minaj, saying that Minaj needs to do something about Lil’ Kim’s comment. “Nicki Minaj, you better light her a** up. I’m watching. And she said something about the baby. Her baby’s eye is fu**** up lol,” said 50 Cent.

    Rosenberg said 50 Cent jumped into a situation that was not a problem and then said something negative about Lil’ Kim’s baby. The rapper came out and defended herself and said she was never speaking badly about anybody’s child. Stylez said what made her sad was Lil’ Kim saying she was one of the most disrespected icons.

    Ebro said that even though 50 Cent’s comments about Lil’ Kim’s child were out of line, he was not surprised. Stylez said 50 Cent has a reputation for “bullying.”

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