Ebro in the Morning Discusses Beyoncé’s New Album (VIDEO)


Ebro in the morning discussed Beyoncé’s new album. The singer is coming out with new music. According to Laura Stylez, she has a new album dropping entitled Renaissance: Act 1, said Tidal. The album will boast 16 tracks and comes out July 29. This is the latest album after the mega stars’ 2016 hit “Lemonade.”

“I clicked on the Beyoncé shop because people are scrambling, and she's definitely selling these mystery boxes and the graphics. Seems like it's going to be a T-shirt and a CD of some sort, but you don't know what it is, so people are just buying these mystery boxes,” said Stylez.

An artist must be trendy to sell a mystery box, said Rosenberg

According to Rosenberg, only a few people could drop an album in 2022; that is a bigger deal than Beyoncé. Perhaps Rihanna or Jay-Z dropping new music would be as big of a deal as Beyoncé, but no one can outshine Queen Bey.

Stylez said it is interesting that Beyoncé is promoting her album because she is known to drop music out of nowhere. The radio host wondered if a single would be released before the album came out. Fans would be excited, she added.

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