Ebro in the Morning Discusses Bad Bunny Kissing His Male Dancer and Nicki Minaj’s Big Win at the VMA’s (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Bad Bunny kissing his male dancer and Nicki Minaj’s big win at the VMA’s. She had a great night taking home the Video Vanguard Award. She performed a melody of all her hit songs, showcasing record after record. Everything from “Monster,” “Moment of Life,” and “Anaconda” was played. She ended her performance with the song “Super Freaky Girl,” said Laura Stylez.

    Stylez said that Minaj had her Barbz present her with the Vanguard Award. The Barbz gave a video montage and told how Minaj influenced and changed their lives. It was a big night and a big win for the rapper, added Stylez.

    Minaj thanked many people, including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Eminem, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Rihanna. She acknowledged the people who gave her tremendous opportunities and said she would never forget them. Stylez noted that Drake was in the thank you as well.

    The VMA’s was also a big night for Bad Bunny. He had a large show live at Yankee Stadium. People came from all over for that specific concert that happened over the weekend. He performed on Sunday and won the VMA’s award for artist of the year. Carmelo Anthony surprisingly presented Bad Bunny with the award.

    The morning show said that Bad Bunny deserved every award, and he also deserved the Latin artist award of the year. Another artist took home that award; however the morning shows said it did not make sense to win artist of the year but not Latin artist of the year.

    Bad Bunny’s kiss that he exchanged with his dancers was also discussed. At one point in the performance, Bunny kissed a female performer and then turned and kissed a male performer. Rosenberg said that if people are squeamish about seeing homosexual activity, then do not watch the VMA’s because that will be part of the show from now on.


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