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Donnie Simpson Guests On Pandora’s ‘Questlove Supreme’ With The Roots’ Drummer


Iconic radio and TV personality DONNIE SIMPSON was the guest on the latest episode of PANDORA’s “QUESTLOVE Supreme” show, with THE ROOTS’ drummer, which you can listen to here.  

Some of the highlights about SIMPSON’s legendary career include the following:

On his upbringing and how he knew music would be his career: “My mother decided to open a record store when I was 12, so I worked in that record store from the time I was 12. I was always around music.  I knew when music came out the day it came out, everything…we used to have a little contest between each other.  We’d go, ‘All right.  So what do you think this is going to do?’…And I would be right all the time.  I would always be able to predict them…”

On his formal education vs. his real-life career experience: “I started so young.  I mean I did eventually go to school, eventually.  I mean, I was in school already, high school.  But I went to college and studied radio and TV also, but I was already doing it.  I mean, I was one of the most popular DJs in DETROIT, and here I am going to college.  The experience, nothing beats that…In school I learned how to use my diaphragm.  Those exercises like singers…You’ve got to practice it so much that it’s second nature.”
On breaking ELTON JOHN in DETROIT: “Without doubt, the biggest moment in my career was breaking ‘Bennie And The Jets’ by ELTON JOHN…I was scared to play it because black folks didn’t really know ELTON…I played it twice…and I played it a second time because the phone was jumping off the hook from the first time…I’d never seen anything like it before or since.  It was so instant.”


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