Don Imus, Infamous for Rutgers Women’s Basketball Comment, Dies at 79

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Radio vet Don Imus died today in College Station, TX at 79. He was one of the revolutionaries of shock jock radio and a staunch enemy of competitor Howard Stern. Stern claimed in his first book Private Parts that Don Imus dissed him when he tried to meet him early in his career when he was a huge fan of the major radio star.

In recent years, (2007) greater controversy followed Don Imus when he made a distasteful comment about the women of the Rutgers Basketball Team referring to what he determined were their nappy heads by calling them “nappy headed hoes.” That comment set off a firestorm from the black community and black organizations to silence him but he had been known for years to be racist and homophobic already. The “shock jock” era has pretty much died off.


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