Does UPS Only Hire Thieves? Watch Your Valuables…and this video


ups thievesRecently UPS was busted on video (below) with one of their employees stealing an iPad. The company would like the public to believe this is an isolated incident but it’s not, I know COUNTLESS people including myself who have had their items stolen using UPS. If you have too please respond to this story in the comments.A few years ago, I had a horrific experience with UPS not once but TWICE. I had valuables mailed from Atlanta to Los Angeles in new boxes that were taped and sealed properly. En route to LA the boxes were opened by UPS and 90% of the valuable items were stolen not just from one box but two and the remaining items were placed in a raggedy box that was poorly taped. When I called UPS and complained they told me the original boxes had probably broken and they have a right to open the boxes when that happens. When I asked for a supervisor I was put on hold for almost an hour and then hung up on. My items were STOLEN by their employees. Just like in the video below, they gave me the run-a-round and refused to pay the insurance claim, making it virtually impossible for me to submit the claim because someone else mailed it from Atlanta. A few days later other boxes that were en route were also opened and my valuables were taken. UPS is a piece of CRAP company that gives people the run around when their items are stolen and they don’t even bother to investigate. I’m sure they get THOUSANDS of complaints and they BS everyone. I’m so glad this guy had a camera and busted this piece of shit company red handed. They tried to give him the same BS runaround then kissed his ass and had the employee arrested after he posted the video on youtube… but initially they denied it ever happened. Heads should roll for this. NEVER and we mean NEVER use UPS to mail valuables or the same thing will probably happen to you. Use Greyhound, the boxes are always visible by many people instead of in the back where UPS’s thieves work.


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