DL Hughley Discusses Antonio Brown’s View on Racism: “There’s no Racism” in America (Video)


DL Hughley discussed Antonio Brown’s view on racism. Brown said that racism does not exist in America because he received a $100 million contract. Hughley said it’s weird that Colin Kaepernick also received a $100 million contract but sees racism. Oprah is worth billions of dollars and sees racism. These are not the only people to see racism said, Hughley.

“It’s also weird that the NFL has committed to over $250 million over ten years to eradicate racism,” said Hughley.

Hughley said Brown’s $100 million is based on physicality. Traditionally, Black men who were large in stature were valued more by enslavers.

“One time, when they owned, when they could freely own human beings, they prized the big strong Black dudes. They prized them. And they were often separated from the others and told how special they were,” said Hughley.

Contrast that with Antonio Brown, one of the most gifted receivers of the last 20 years, said Hughley. Very few people have the kind of talent that he does. Hughley said Brown is also praised for his unique abilities.

“At a very early age, particularly when you exhibit that level of talent, you are told… you are special, you’re glorified,” said Hughley.

Brown is in his 30s, explained Hughley. He has probably shown special athletic abilities since he was in his tween years, and so for the last 30 years of his life, he has been treated well. However, Brown’s special treatment will not last, warned Hughley.

“That will start to wane as his abilities start to wane,” said Hughley. “His favor will start to wane as his athletic prowess does.”

Brown is not the first athlete to receive special treatment. This is, in fact, very common, said Hughley.

“You look at Herschel Walker, you look at O.J Simpson… you look at people who at a very early age [were] told that they are different, and then that is the prison that they view things from,” said Hughley.

Nobody gets rich as fast as an athlete, argues Hughley, and at 20-years-old it can skew your life. Just because racism has not happened to one person does not mean that it does not affect everyone, he said.

“You can’t predicate everything on you… Why are there whole institutions trying to eradicate it?” said Hughley.

Hughley claimed that most people who are the same size and speed as Brown are not on the football field; they are dead or in jail.

“Black people are always judged by the exception and not the rule. We’re judged by the people who made it out as opposed to the majority of people who will not, and the people who are the exception tell us what the rules are,” said Hughley.

“It is not unusual for a situation where slavery very much existed to take a prized buck and exalt him to the extent that he doesn’t think he’s like anyone else,” said Hughley.

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