D.L. Hughley: Nothing Get’s People Going Like Talking About Religion!


People in the religious spear are very loud about things that don’t matter, and not loud about things that do.

On the DL Hugley Radio Show #GEDSecton, D.L. Hughley discusses how people becoming more pessimistic and leaning away from religion.He goes into saying how the same day people were giving thanks, many immigrant women and children were being teargassed and how Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr was wrongfully shot in Alabama, but no one cared.Hughley also explains why antics such as the pastor being zipped lined through the church are reasons why people are less inclined to be religious.You can watch the full episode of the #GEDSection down below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdiSO9E5pos&t=140s

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