Dj Wrekk 1 exits Music Director and Mid-Day position at WHHH/Hot 96.3 Indianapolis


unnamedMidwest Icon, Dj Wrekk 1 exits Music Director and Mid-Day Radio DJ position at WHHH Hot 96.3 Indianapolis.
April 21, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) – Announced today, Don Dj Wrekk-1 Williams, Mid-Day Radio DJ and Music Director of Programming for WHHH HOT 96.3 FM resigned. Williams, had been in Indianapolis for nearly 15 years and had an impressive path which included 6 additional years in St. Louis working at numerous radio Radio Stations including KMJM, KISS, KSLZ, KATZ, AND WFUN.
No replacement has been named at this time. Reach out to Don “Dj Wrekk 1” Williams on Twitter and Instagram @wrekk1 or [email protected]

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