Radio Facts: This picture had to be taken at the private viewing and someone got paid crazy money for it. Tasteless or not?


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  1. Whitney is beautiful–almost angelic. When the demonic energies left her body all that was left was love. As for the Enquirer, just like I could not stop myself from clicking to your blog, they know human nature. Yes, the family asked for privacy, but we all carry a piece of Whitney, so if we see the deceased at regular funerals, why not see the body of someone like her? I will not be going to read the Enquirer. But I don’t fault you for posting the pic, either. Somehow it helps bring closure.

  2. I know it is hard on the family especially
    Cissy Houston. It is hard for a mother to bury her child; believe me I have buried a child at the young age of 18yrs. I couldn’t stand to look at any pictures of him in his casket, but I am able to look at Whitney’s and she does look beautiful. So to see this picture is bitter sweet for me, being a mother of a decease child. I understand both sides her mothers and the Whitney’s fan and I am a fan. Unselfish fan if I hadn’t seen this picture I wouldn’t be upset, but seeing it has put a little closure on her death for me. I will admit I did want to see her, but I again I understand the other side (her family) not wanting the picture published. Sorry family and thank you so much for sharing Whitney with us all those years. GOD BLESS!!!

  3. I”m not sure this was appropeiate for the enquire to publish that being as the family stated that they didn’t want this kind of publicity is was something they should of exspected a gossip colume to do being that it”s all about money for them

  4. Whoever took this picture has to live with his or her self for the rest of their life. This is wrong on so many levels! I hope they got paid well!

  5. I expected nothing less from the Enquire…but I did expect more from the low life that took this photo and profitted from the publishing of it. Reminds me of the person who came to the viewing of my father and stole my photos I took of him while I was talking to the other people who were at his wake. There are so cruel, cruel people in this ole world.

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