Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits to Celebrate the Legendary Rock, Pop & Soul of the 60’s

RadioFacts: United Stations, an independent leader in original network radio programming, today announced it will begin distributing a new 3-hour weekly music series hosted by the legendary and award-winning air personality, Dick Bartley.   The new series, titled “Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits” emphasizes the music of the 1960s when the rock era really took over the pop charts and some of the greatest and most popular music of a generation was released. The program will be available starting the broadcast week of February 24th, and this announcement comes jointly from Dick Bartley and from United Stations EVP/Programming Andy Denemark who is based in the network’s New York City Headquarters.

During 2019, Dick Bartley created a “Summer of 1969” special to celebrate the milestone anniversary of that very special summer when pop culture and music truly went hand in hand.  Dick Bartley handled the programming and the hosting duties on that special, and when reaction among radio programmers and listeners alike was very positive, Dick became inspired to create an ongoing series covering the music of the 1960s.  The new weekly show will also include some of the hits of the early 70s that are perfect sonic fit with a 1960s playlist.   The hits of the 60s and early 70s are currently not included in many Classic Hits radio formats that now tend to focus on the late 70s, the 1980s and early 90s.   On the new Dick Bartley series, you can expect to consistently hear music from The Beatles, Donovan, The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, The Supremes, Four Tops and all the classic stars of Motown, the British Invasion and more.   

Dick Bartley is a beloved broadcaster, unparalleled host and producer and a three-time winner of the Billboard Radio Award.   He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2000, and has had his weekend program distributed nationally for over 30 years.   Dick Bartley and United Stations also recently marked the 10th anniversary of his association with the current incarnation of United Stations.  In commenting about Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits, United Stations’ Andy Denemark said, “Dick Bartley has created a slick, streamlined and masterful rundown of some of the greatest music ever.   For anyone wanting to celebrate the sound of that fantastic era in music, this is the show for them.” 

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