Dial Global Adds the Thom Hartmann Radio Program

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Progressive Talk, Daily Program moves to Dial GlobalDial Global and WYD Media Management announced today an agreement that begins March 1, 2009 for Dial Global to provide both advertising sales and affiliate representation for The Thom Hartmann Program. The Thom Hartmann Program, broadcast Monday through Friday noon to 3p.m. ET, is currently featured programming in markets across the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Seattle, Portland and Miami.Å“With the addition of Thom Hartmann, Dial Global solidifies its position as the premiere content provider of the very best Progressive Talk Radio. Dial Global now offers 12 hours of proven, winning progressive talk shows. Weâ„¢re delighted to work with Thom and WYD,  said Dial Global Senior VP & GM News/Talk Amy Bolton.Å“We are excited to grow the Program with the folks at Dial Global. We are especially excited to have Amy Bolton and her expand ed affiliate sales team work with our show to increase affiliates around the nation,  said host Thom Hartmann.Å“It is great to be reunited with so many friends and former colleagues who are at Dial Global. In a tough economic environment we are pleased to be working with such an aggressive team on all aspects of our business,  said WYD Media Managementâ„¢s Ron Hartenbaum. To carry The Thom Hartmann Program in your market on an exclusive basis, call (202)546.7940.



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  1. When I thought Thom Harmann was no longer being beamed on my XM radio I thought I would lose my mind. I listen every day and it means a great deal to me to keep me thoroughly informed.

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