Democrats Set the Record Straight on Voter ID Laws

democratsRepublicans across the country have been pushing voter ID laws claiming that they would make voting more secure. But Democrats say the truth is, all they do is make voting more difficult while doing nothing to improve the integrity of our elections. In fact, the problem they say they are trying to fix – voter impersonation– is incredibly rare with a recent analysis revealing only 31 credible instances since the year 2000. These laws are part of a cynical GOP strategy to keep people from the ballot box. Today’s Republican Party is so out of touch with the American people that they know their best path to victory is if fewer voices are heard, if fewer Americans exercise one of their most basic constitutional rights.As Democrats, we know that our country is stronger when more voices are heard. We are committed to expanding rights not taking them away – we want to empower people, to break down barriers and to expand opportunity for all Americans. And one of the best ways to do that is to make sure they have all the facts. So take a look at our new Factivists video to learn the truth about some of the most common GOP myths on voter ID laws.[youtube]

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