DaBaby’s New Video: Shoots Two Men After Holding up AIDS sign (video) Austin City Limits and iHeart Music Fest Drop DaBaby from Lineup


It looks like (no pun intended for radio brethren) the hits keep coming. We neglected to mention in the last story that iHeart another mother of all festivals has ALSO dropped DaBaby from the lineup.

We also forgot to mention his current video for “Giving What It’s Supposed to Give” Where DaBaby is being approached by two men when he holds up an “AIDS” sign then proceeds to pull out two guns, aiming at both men and you hear shots.

Hmm, ok… so… yeah so we need about 10 minutes to think about this. So we didn’t go to Harvard and we are not huge agency marketing specialists but wouldn’t you PULL that video or remove that part of a video that came out in the MIDST of the controversy? Looks like the video was posted on YouTube on July 28. See the interesting video below… Check around the 1:40 mark


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