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D.L. Hughley Blast Mitch McConnell’s Relatives for Owning Slaves

A few weeks ago Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell basically refuse the idea of slavery reperations to Africans-Americans and D.L. [...]

D.L. Hughley Says Michael Jackson and R. Kelly were Horrible Babysitters (video)

D.L is at it once again blending comedy with tragedy and making several great points on the Wendy Williams show recently. [...]

D.L. Hughley Says it’s Surprising that Prince is Gone and Bobby Brown is Still Alive

As usual the whitty and thought-provoking D.L. Hughley makes some interesting points on this VLADTV interview. [...]

D.L. Hughley States: “The Most Dangerous Place for Black People to Live Is In White People’s Imagination.”

"If they saw a black person, they would devalue a home."On this episode on the #GEDSection, D.L. [...]

D.L. Hughley: Nothing Get’s People Going Like Talking About Religion!

People in the religious spear are very loud about things that don’t matter, and not loud about things that do.On the [...]

D.L. Hughley states Trump Should Read a Book “President for Dummies” for Guidance (video)

It's Not a Good Idea to Throw Paper Towels at People During a CrisisOn the D.L. [...]

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