D.L. Hughley Destroys Gabby Douglas Hair Critics (video)


Remember the time DL went left on Gabby Douglas hair critics?

Just like the last time Gabby Douglas was proudly representing America and winning gold, there are always the haters. These haters are dealing with a severe issue of self-hate more than anything else as they continue to blast Gabby Douglas about her hair being nappy. D.L. Hughley, who we also know is very outspoken about everything, used his radio platform to address the people disrespecting Gabby Douglas about her hair. He really doesn’t pull any punches as he describes the form of self-hate we are dealing with.



  1. That’s the state of mind most black women are in today!! They wanna hate on indian women cause they don’t have the kind of hair they have, but at the same time trying to look like white women with all this fake ass blonde hair!! They show a low self-esteem & society sees that they don’t like how they were created!! That in itself is a modern day slave persona, but they got the nerve to talk down on others!! ? A damn shame!!

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