Craig Morgan joins Big D and Bubba for USO Album Release Special on AFN

Radio Facts: For the first time in more than 10 weeks, a country artist visited the Silverfish Media studios for an appearance on The Big D and Bubba show.  Appropriately, it was the same artist who made the very first appearance when the show relocated back in January 2014.

About a month ago, the USO contacted Silverfish Media president Patrick Thomas with an idea.  Since they can’t do in-person tours and performances for the troops around the world, they had been doing virtual USO tours through streaming platforms.  What if they had an artist do a virtual USO tour via AFN, the Armed Forces Network, which carries The Big D and Bubba Show every day.

Craig Morgan was the obvious choice.  Craig was awarded the 2006 USO Merit Award for his tireless support of US soldiers and their families. He continues to support our soldiers and their families with 16 overseas trips to entertain U.S. troops, including 12 tours with the USO where he has entertained more than 45,000 service members and military families in 15 countries.

The whole thing happened on the radio this morning.  Listeners of Big D and Bubba’s 80+ terrestrial radio stations were able to be a part of something that was put together for the benefit of the men and women listening around the world on AFN.  Craig play two songs live in the studio, talked about his new album, and discussed the USO with that organization’s CEO Dr. J.D. Crouch joining the show on the phone.

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