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Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Exits Reach Media Radio Show, Already Replaced

jfortune_16_b (pictured: Condrey replacement James Fortune)

Who knew that when I made my predictions at the beginning of the year, this one would actually happen TWICE. No word on why Condrey has exited his show but in this industry climate you would have had to call in a construction crew to pry me out of that gig…. and I don’t believe in religion or the black church (why doesn’t anybody ever challenge me on that? Probably for the best).   One can pretty much rest assured there was probably some sort of conflict. It’s unFORTUNate for Condrey but James is Fortunate. I kill me.   I think he is a very good replacement.

Rodney Ho broke the story in AJC and apparently Condrey spoke with him. Condrey indicated he wanted to make a clean break and he will reappear at the end of the summer.   Our sources at wanted to steer very clear of the situation IMMEDIATELY distancing themselves and ready for a new challenge with gospel artist James Fortune taking over Condrey’s show, at least in Atlanta, several sources were RAVING about how great the new show sounds and how much they are looking forward to working with Fortune… this is interesting to say the least.   I actually hate gossip so I don’t care why Cory left , perhaps Tom thought he was too young, who knows.   it’s not my money or my show… but if we find out more we’ll keep you posted…. Condrey wrote a very politically correct goodbye letter to the staff at . I would have printed it but I don’t think that would have been proper. Look at me, having morals and values. Old age is changing me. Wonder if may be considering Cory? Hmm…

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