CORRECTION: Wendy Williams Affiliates


A couple of weeks ago, I got some information from a pretty good source and I researched it and found information to collaborate their information. Unfortunately, both were wrong. I could have called a couple of other sources but sometimes when you are in the midst of doing a blog, which is not as easy as people think, things not only slip by you, they can stop by and give you a good ass kicking to make sure you know it but you are too tired to make the correction. In other words, doing a blog can be EXAUSTING but that’s just an excuse. I was wrong and so was my information. Ms. Williams will not only be on BET but MANY Fox affiliates simultaneously, just as the press release I got from BET NETWORKS June 4th indicated. We wish Wendy the best and give her great Kudos from being one of a lucky few in the urban radio industry to make the transition to not just TV but NATIONAL TV.     To that end, we must also give credit to Vinny Brown, her former innovative and out-of-the-box thinking PD, who believed in giving his announcers the freedom to be who they were. Vinny once told me a lot of people tried to do what Wendy did but she was actually good at it. He told me that YEARS ago and obviously, he was right.



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