Cop Shoots Innocent Bystanders While Trying to Stop A Car Thief


    A Georgia police officer shot multiple people after shooting at an alleged car thief. The officer has been placed on administrative duty. 

    A press release explaining the situation was released on Monday. The alleged thief, or the officer, was not mentioned in the release. 

    In the Riverland Drive area on February 7, the officer investigated a suspected stolen vehicle. The driver drove towards the officer in an attempt to flee. The officer began shooting at the suspect.

    The suspect got away and fled the scene. Later, police found the victims who were hit by the officer’s gunfire. The incident has been called into an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of investigation. The press release ended by saying, “Our Office of Professional Standards will conduct an administrative investigation into the incident as well.”

    The press release did not release the number of victims or the severity of their injuries.

    This incident comes after an alleged beating of a 13-year-old where three officers held down the young girl while a woman beat her with a belt. A video surfaced of the whipping on November 23, 2021. Three Columbus officers were placed on administrative leave for the incident. 

    After learning of the video on social media, Police Chief Freddie Blackmon confirmed that he had ordered an internal investigation.

    “The Columbus Police Department has placed three officers on administrative leave following their conduct during the arrest of a juvenile suspect,” a press release said on the incident.

    “Our office of Professional Standards will conduct an administrative investigation into the incident.

    “Chief Blackmon has requested that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conduct an investigation regarding any criminal action. This case remains under investigation.”

    A bystander across the street recorded the video. In the video, police could be seen holding the girl’s arms and pressing her against their car. A woman then hits the girl while the officers appear to do nothing.

    It is not clear with the teenager was charged with any offense. Police did not identify the woman who had hit the child or their relationship with her. 

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