Unfair to Paying Guests? Ordinance Will Make LA Hotels Give Rooms to the Homeless Alongside Paying Guests and Tourists


Hotel owners in Los Angeles are not happy with an ordinance that the Los Angeles City Council is proposing to help with LA’s huge homeless problem. 

The ordinance will be voted on today (Friday) and will make hotel owners contact the city daily by 2 pm to list their vacancies by law. 

The vacancies will then be filled with homeless people alongside paying tourists and guests. This would be in effect starting in November.

Owners state that during the pandemic when few were traveling they were willing to accept vouchers from the city and house the homeless but the effort turned out to be disastrous with fighting, drug use, and other problems the hotels were not prepared to handle. 

While hotel owners expressed compassion for the homeless, they feel that the work environment will be unsafe for tourists, guests, and hotel workers, and once word gets out occupancies for travelers and guests will decline especially at a time when the city is preparing for the Olympics. 

This measure will greatly benefit Airbnb as an option for travelers.

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