Connecticut Senator Gary Winfield’s Home Struck Several Times During Shooting


On Tuesday morning, shots were fired in the early hours at the home of a state senator in Connecticut, with multiple bullets hitting the home. However, the senator does not believe that he was the target.

On Facebook, State Senator Gary Winfield made a statement saying that everyone was “ok” following the shooting. He later took to Twitter to explain that he believed a man passing his home was the target the shooter was aiming for.

“A couple of bullet holes in the house but we are fine,” Winfield’s Facebook post read. “I really appreciate all the concern. The younger kids didn’t really know what was happening so I let them think it was just us playing so we had to get down low. Will keep monitoring them to see. Otherwise, we are fine.”

Winfield later replied to News12CT journalist John Craven on Twitter, who shared the state senator’s Facebook post about the shooting. 

“Unfortunately a young man who was walking by seemed to be the target,” Winfield replied. “When they started shooting it appears he ran toward my home to get away drawing the fire in our direction. This apparently is when our home was hit several times.”

In an earlier Facebook post, the state senator said “Thank you Lord,” and received numerous responses from users expressing their concern for him and his family. In one response to a comment, the senator stated that “It wasn’t related to politics.”

The Facebook post gained more than 100 comments as of early Tuesday morning that expressed support for the state senator, as well as many offering prayers. 

Winfield is a Democrat who represents the state’s 10th district, covering the communities of New Haven and West Haven, and he also serves as chief deputy majority leader in the Democrat-controlled Connecticut State Senate.

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