Commissioner Robert McDowell Exits the FCC

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rob mcdowellIn the wake of FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell’s announcement today of his exit from the agency, Sherman K. Kizart states, “Commissioner McDowell “˜s track record and support of the broadcast industry including minority broadcasters makes his resignation a huge loss for the entire industry.”Kizart, who was recently re-appointed to serve on the FCC’s re-chartered Federal Advisory Committee on Diversity in the Digital Age, furthermore says, “Commissioner McDowell was a great friend to Urban Radio and minority broadcasters. He was the federal driving force in bringing the 4As and the ad industry to the table in adopting a Non-Discrimination Policy and Complaint Review Process which was designed to eliminate No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates.” Kizart is founder and managing director of Kizart Media Partners, Inc., a national media sales and marketing consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.Commissioner McDowell announced his plans to leave the agency at the FCC’s monthly meeting today. He has held his position for the past six years and his term was set to expire in June 2014.



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