CoCo Brother Podcast Gets over 5500 Listens, New Podcast "The Black Dog" this Friday!


Radio Facts would like to thank all of those who listened (and who are still listening) to our most recent podcast featuring CoCo Brother that we posted this past Friday.  That show has been a huge success garnering over 5500 listeners for our first podcast since last November with Rushion McDonald. Coming this Friday, we have another compelling podcast “The Black Dog” about Mental Illness, touching on Addictions, and Various Types of Depression in the black community with a very special guest.  Our goal is to talk about the issues, have some fun and most important have some incredibly compelling conversations about the things we don’t like to talk about and that you rarely if ever  hear on urban radio. “This is the kind of show I always wanted to do” states Kevin “KevRoss” Ross,  “… And I am taking full advantage of the fact that current technology is allowing me to do it.  At this point, I will be the main host with occasional guest hosts. Get ready… and don’t say I didn’t warn you!”
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