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SYNDICATION ONE EXPANDS ITS NATIONALLY SYNDICATED PROGRAMMING WITH THE DEBUT OF COCO BROTHER LIVE Acclaimed radio and Television personality Corey Å“CoCo Brother  Condrey to host new daily radio show-beginning tomorrow –

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Syndication One announces the launch of CoCo Brother Live, a weeknight inspirational program that will air beginning this Friday, April 10th, from 7pm -11pm EST . The new program hosted by Corey Å“Coco Brother  Condrey, who is currently the host of the nationally syndicated weekend radio show The Spirit and BETâ„¢s Sunday gospel music video show Lift Every Voice ,will combine a unique brand of entertainment, music, testimonials, and inspirational content. The weeknight radio show will be based in Atlanta, broadcasting on WPZE Praise 102.5 FM, and will also initially air on many of Radio Oneâ„¢s inspirational stations in the following markets: Houston, Washington, D.C.,.Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland , Charlotte, Indianapolis, Raleigh, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Richmond. Å“CoCo Brother is a lightning rod on the radio who can electrify, inspire, and entertain like only a chosen few. He has been recently as high as number one in the entire Atlanta market with females at nite and heâ„¢s currently #2 with women 18 plus in the most recent PPM survey. Needless to say, he significantly outperforms the radio station and we are confident that he will do the same at Inspirational stations all across the country , says Gary Bernstein, President of Programming, Syndication One. Guests for the debut broadcast of Coco Brother Live on Friday will include Tye Tribbet, Hezekiah Walker, Bishop Eddie Long, Byron Cage, Dottie Peoples, Vanessa Bell Calloway and others. Å“ It has always been my mission to save souls and be that bridge to bring the whole family together. I am grateful to Radio One and Syndication One for giving me the opportunity to touch millions of lives every day. Letâ„¢s just say we can do great positive radio and achieve great things while still serving Jesus Christ , says Condrey Some of the special segments on CoCo Brother Live will include The Battle, which will showcase two chart topping songs where listeners will vote for their favorite; The Exodus Mix, a fifteen minute inspirational segment that will include hits from top-named gospel artists; Stand and Take Authority, a part of the broadcast that takes an encouraging word from either an artist or inspirational leader; and I- Pray, the part of the broadcast that will give listeners the opportunity to call in and pray for each other. CoCo Brother Live is a natural extension of his successful weekend program called Å“the Spirit  which airs in many major markets including Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, and soon to be announced New York City. About CoCo Brother Coco Brotherâ„¢s success derived from small beginnings bringing him from being homeless to hosting and leading defining movements for change with Hip Hop and now also gospel communities. He has been recognized as the driving force for making Atlantaâ„¢s Hot 107.9 #1 with 18-34 year olds for the first time. CoCo Brother is also responsible for beating the legendary WPGC at nite while he was a major personality on the secular side. CoCo Brother has made numerous television appearances on BET, MTV, CNN, CNN International and UPN and has been featured in Vibe, Source, Essence, JET, and Hope Today magazines. CoCo Brother was even featured in Time Magazine as one of the most 100 influential people in this country. For more information visit www.syndicationone.com or www.cocobrotherlive.com


  1. I could not find the prayer icon – please pray for my son RJ, he is 20 and in college, doing well as a young man. Thank God for him doing so well and going to church when society said he would not be nothing because of being raised by a single mother. Pray his dad to get over what has happened over 10 yrs ago. Pray for friends, Kathy, Ms. Lockett and Redd (friends recently diagnosed with terminal illnesses), but their strength in God is so awe inspiring. I pray for healing and strength to do God’s will in the ministry. Thank God for his healing of my mom. May He bless your ministry over the airways.

  2. Hi.Co Co Brother! My name is Shawn Grady I’m a non-Profit organization called Believe In God Fitness (BIG FITNESS)
    Youth Christian Athletic company. This summer I’m having a Flag Football league for ages (13-15)(16-18)
    do you have any tip that you can suggest on how to get the Youth children involved it’s @ the boy’s and girls club NFL YET I’m trying to keep the youth off the street and to give them somthing to do and help the community and give back to the community. The boys and girls club is down town off of hill street. Next to MLK middle school. So if you can please help me you can contact me at

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  3. hi my husband is incarcerated in federal prison and he has been sentenced to 20 years he has been in for 7 months.He was a very good man to his 3 kids and to his family as a hold i know that we make decisions thats not the right decisions.Chris is his name and he is do to go before the judge in may 27 2009.I would like just to put in a special prayer for him and that you pray for the judge to not to judge him for what he has done but just to show favor, so that he can have a shorter sentence and be able to see his kids again.


  4. Please pray for me and my husband that we find careers that could provide for me and my family. Also I would like to pray for my mother that God helps her get off of paim medication, and that my sisters as well find employment.


  5. Welcome CoCo Brother to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am listening to you LIVE on 1230am WDBZ -The Inspiration Station. My Church family is Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World–Bishop Bobby Hilton –Visionary &Kingdom Builder. I would like to enter my church’s CD project entitled “God Did That Thing” with Dorothy Norwood on the title cut, for the song battle. This CD was released nationally on January 20, 2009. Also Twinkle Clark is feature on this project. Please feel free to contact me with information on how to make it happen. The GMWA 2009 will be held in Cincinnati (July 25th -July 31st).

    Redeemed by Christ,


  6. continued message from above…CoCo Brother congratulation on your marriage to Joann..I love her ministry in music, the blend of Hispanic and Latino flava. See ya and Joann in Cincinnati for the GMWA 2009.

    D.T.Wagoner–Cincinnati OH

  7. Please pray for my husband and I. We have been seperated for 1yr and I know that divorce is not in God’s will. Pray that we both forgive each other for the past hurts and reconcile in the name of Jesus.

  8. I am asking for prayer for a job with benefits whitch would allow enough funds to payoff my student loans and a few more bills. My brother needs prayer to help him stop smoking & drinking– returning him to christ!

  9. Please pray for my church family ; so that we may brake grounds for a new building. Pray that God’s Favor is over my health, finances,my job,and my family My God richely Bless You and your new progam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGHT WORKOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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