Christian Cooper and Rodney King have this in Common (Video)

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Christian Cooper has announced that he refuses to cooperate with authorities with the charges facing Amy Cooper, which could lead to her to be exonerated. She is the white woman who he encountered in Central Park while birdwatching who threatened to place a fake call to police claiming that an African American Man was threatening her. She places the call and now she is facing charges for it. Christian seems to be taking Amy’s side when he asked people to stop threatening her during an interview with Don Lemon. Christian and Rodney have something in common, they are/were both very forgiving. Rodney King, who died in 2012, said during his press conference “Can’t We All Get Along?”

In 1992 after being savagely beaten by four white police officers in Los Angeles, Rodney King became an instant international symbol of racism in the criminal justice system. The beating, witnessed by 17 other officers who didn’t intervene and were not charged, was taped unknowingly to the officers by a white man in an apartment from his window with what is now an obsolete bulky video camera that was somewhat rare in those days.

When Rodney was asked to do a press conference he was visibly shaken and he looked more intimidated, propped and staged by his representatives instead of rightfully being angry about the situation, he asked “Can’t we all Get Along?” which shocked several black people with what had happened to him and he seemed to take a subdued approach to the crime committed against him. At the time that he appeared, rioting in the streets in several cities erupted because the four white officers were acquitted,



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