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Chris Brown Pleads with fans to Ask Radio to Play his Music (audio)


This is most unfortunate. Will ever be able to live that incident down by ’s stand ards? Is so perfect that none of us have ever made mistakes?


Erica March 11, 2010 at 6:16 am

ii think that is very rudde that the radio stations are not playing his music now i know what he did was wrong but okay he has wprked on it and he has changed we all as humans make mistakes how many people rite now are cheatin beating and are gay rite now but have a girl freind or boyfreind people honeslty need to grow up and for the radio sations your post to be grown people but yet your stooping to little children’s level at a point in time chris brown made your station hot because of his music and how many listeners you had that requested him come on now be serious be on your grown women and man ishh and play his music because for one it’s really good.

caribbeangirl March 11, 2010 at 9:25 am

CB thumbs up to you… tell the people who just can’t forgive you if they have not made any mistakes in their lifetime to cast the first stone! come on, play CB’s music what is the matter with you all… he has made his mistake and he is trying to move on with his life… CB God is the master of our lives and believe me He will see you through all what you are facing right now. keep the faith, keep your cool, maybe this is a test to prove that you can control your temper, anger etc. do not say anything disruptive, just keep your cool and be good to yourself.. love you…

T882 March 17, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Enough is enough. There is a level of forgiveness that needs to be shown to this very young man. He was 19 when this happened and let’s be real. if the things we did at 19 and 20 were put on blast would some of us be where we are right now. He made a big mistake but its time to let this go. Also, when R. Kelly was sexing, marrying and peeing all over underaged girls I didn’t see a ban on his music. Let it rest already!


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