Radio Facts: INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE: What's Next for Tom Joyner Morning Show? 2
Chicago’s 106.3 FM Goes Local announcing the debut of Mix Mornings with Mike Love”

Mike Love

Chicago- Crawford Broadcasting’s Urban Adult Contemporary WSRB 106.3 FM is making moves towards all local programming by ending its eight-year run lead by urban radio pioneer Tom Joyner and his nationally syndicated morning show and focusing more of its attention on Chicago.  In a push for local radio, the station is moving Chicago radio veteran and current PM drive host Mike Love to morning drive as the lead behind its new Mix Mornings”.  The new local morning show is set to begin on Monday, June 5 airing from 6am-9am and will feature rush hour mini mixes by some of Chicago’s most popular DJ’s delivering the hottest R&B hits and throwback hip-hop from the 80s, 90s, and today.  
Known as one of the original “Bad Boys” of Chicago radio Mike Love will deliver a local voice and sounding board to happenings in local news and entertainment daily.  With the change, listeners will simply get “More Music and More Chicago” from the station in the city that they call home.  



  1. I will miss Tom, I have been a fan since the days of WJPC. I am not listening to Steve Harvey under any circumstances, I guess I will listen to Sirius

  2. I’m truly excited to hear Mike Love in the mornings!!!! Tom Joyner could not connect with a generation like ours anymore. I grew up listening to Bad Boy Radio and can’t wait for the fun in the mornings!

  3. What a travesty. Tom Joyner is not only an outstanding radio personality, he educates the public on numerous relevant topics. I am very sad to see him leave the Chicago market. I wish him only continued success. I will always be a Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes, Roland Martin, Huggy Lowdown fan. I guess when you start educating people who have been mis-educated, it causes some to become nervous and scared that the sleeping giant might wake up.

  4. I hate this. Tom Joyner not only entertains but educates. It takes a mature mind to appreciate him and I guess that’s not the audience 106.3 is trying to attract. I must find Tom on satellite radio.

  5. Best wishes to Tom. I would be sad if Tom’s show was from Chicago it was not and as great as his show is/was it could not connect to the people of Chicago because of the “national” audience he had to cater and prepare for. Radio should be LOCAL. Chicago needs personalities that can SPEAK directly to Chicagoans.

    • You must be too young to remember that Tom WAS Chicago radio, and those of us who grew up listening to him on WJPC and later WGCI will always consider him a Chicago DJ.

  6. This is truly sad. Tom Joyner is the ONLY reason I listen to 106.3 Whoever made the decision to remove Tom is clearly out of touch, and will loose lots of listeners!

  7. Radio listening is so different these days. You can listen to any radio show on the planet that you wish on your smartphone and an appropriate app (provided the show is being streamed online). So, if a show is pulled off of your favorite radio station, just listen to it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  8. I’ve been listening to TJMS for 20+ years!! Tom Joyner is a lot more than just a radio DJ. Loyal listeners know where I am going With this!! Not happy about it at all!! But Who the F… am I!???

  9. Sad:
    to hear this about TJMS. but, Tom should have had a lawyer present when he sold 80% of his share.of the show. Back stabbing white friend. (work associate) Damm Tom . I guess you learn now….Black moment in history.


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