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Charlamagne Talks to Vlad TV About WPHI Firing Him (vid)

Charlamagne says he’s already been offered 3 jobs but he wants to remain in the east. I was not aware Kevin Hunter was his manager.

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ChefSlapa November 4, 2009 at 11:08 am

Charlamanin, Charlamain, Charlamain, my bro. You should of known better not to work for E-smitty. Hes a DJ hata and that `Im going in another direction` is the same bull shitz hes done many times before.
You dont put career in the hand s of that dude. HE cant be trusted and the truth is not in him. Its interesting that his name is not found in any of the articles of the firing. The bull shitz continues. And this guy couldnt program a VCR. HEs losing in Philly, he was programming Charlotte and he killed that station too. His radio doesnt work. His leadership is poor. He keepS his stations in constant turmoil, change, and uncertainty. There is often alot of in fighting and unstability. his concepts in clude hyping people , paying low wages and blaming everybody but himself for the poor ratings.
His radio reign of terror is winding down and people are finding out that this guy cant program and is poor manager of people, and needs to give it up.
I ALSO THINK THAT the cocky NY guy EGO radio isnt working.
The Star/Buc wild and the like had its day and its not now. I also think that hip hop dominated radio has seen its better days. THERE NEEDS to be a new black radio format that includes all black oriented music.


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