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Charlamagne Bigger than Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey/New Rules at Radio Facts

Yesterday, Radio Facts got huge numbers for the Charlamagne story. I was one of the first on it and still ran it 2 hours after I got the info to verify the story. No other Radio DJ or radio personality is as popular online as Charlamagne including urban radio crutches Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey. We've written plenty of stories about Steve and Tom and they never came close to the hits we get when we mention local morning shows (odd). The response to Charlamagne's name was nothing less than phenomenal across the board yesterday and today on all the current, hot sites and blogs. If you type in Charalmagne Fired, Philly, on a Google search, Radio Facts should still be in the top 3. There is a strategy to this blog game and I have to admit, I love playing it. It's the new wave of publishing and it's putting magazines and newspapers out of business. I certainly hope urban radio does not think twice about doing local morning shows because of this situation and that we continue to head in that direction. Hopefully Charlamagne will land on his feet at another urban station soon.   His final PPM ratings come out tomorrow


  1. he sure is I’m not even from Philly and all I hear about is Charlamagne’s show and how funny he is..everyone questions why isn’t he on TV yet?? he’s absolutely adorable an most importantly he’s TALENTED.. we love him all jokes aside


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