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Changes at Power 92 in Chicago? Morning Show Cutbacks?

RadioFacts has gotten word that Chicago’s Power 92 (WPWX) released 3/4 of their morning show yesterday (Thurs).   This came late so it’s still alleged. Trey the Choklit DJ’s producer, Lisa Finkle, co-host Alexx Dupri, and traffic/sports personality Sean Dale have supposedly been cut due to budget cutbacks.   Trey will be doing the morning show solo with the assistance of a board op YIKES!   Management is spinning it as a move to construct a “more music” morning show to improve the ratings and my name is Dufus Rumpelstiltskin. Chicago is NOT a market for a solo Radio DJ to man mornings. This is Chicago, IL not Chicago, AL. I smell more changes.   In the most recent PPM monthly ratings (18-34), the Trey the Choklit DJ Morning Jumpoff was ranked 23rd against WGCI’s Tony Sculfield & the Morning Riot which was in 8th place. There is speculation that several syndicated shows have expressed interest in the spot with their wallets and purses out.



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