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Chance the Rapper Talks about Married Life, Politics and His Upcoming Tour with Dana Cortez

By Candice E. Perkins

Fresh off his Good Morning America Summer Concert Series performance, sat down for an exclusive interview with nationally syndicated radio host Dana Cortez of The Dana Cortez Show to discuss his new album, marriage and the political landscape.

Chancellor Bennett (aka Chance the Rapper) revealed he’s stressed about going on tour with a new baby on the way. After a high-energy, gospel-inspired concert in Central Park, he’s revving up to promote his latest album The Big Day, which features artists like Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and Megan Thee Stallion. With a 35-date tour launching September 14 in San Francisco, Chance expressed both anxiety and excitement. He’s looking forward to doing what he loves but is focused on also being an active father and husband.

Dana also spoke with Chance about married life. The newlywed just married childhood sweetheart and mother of his , Kirsten Corley, this summer. When asked if there’s a difference between having a girlfriend and being married, he responded, “It’s a huge difference.”

The Coloring  rapper explained he’d known his wife since they were kids, a first meeting he often describes as love at first sight. He also delved into their separation and their reunion before tying the knot, stating he feels immense “satisfaction and comfort” in their relationship. With the announcement of a second baby girl later this fall, Chance is excited to be part of the pregnancy in a way he wasn’t for his first daughter, Kensli.

It didn’t take long before the conversation moved to politics. Chance, known for his social advocacy, shared his views on speaking out injustices in the African American and Mexican American communities. “America as it stands is a very new nation…A lot of nations that have dealt with oppression and corruption usually, by force, fix it.” He even gave a quick history lesson, summing up that Americans must embrace their duty to be vocal about the system. “I hope we can lean towards the people…that go into positions of power and try to make change.”

Chance’s New York City performance on Good Morning America highlighted fan favorites like “Do You Remember,” “Hot Shower,” “Let’s Go on the Run,” “We Go High” and “Town on the Hill.” His “debut” studio album, a follow-up to his project Coloring Book is heavily inspired by the 90s and features artists from the era like girl-groups SWV and En Vogue. Other known artists include John Legend, Deathcab for Cutie and Shawn Mendes. The Big Day chronicles Chance’s milestones as a father and as a man who’s taken the next step and is headed to the altar. From faith and future to adulthood and legacy, over 22 tracks, Chance explores some dense topics while keeping the sounds buoyant.

He hopes the message of The Big Day will resonate with fans. “Be proud…be free and …and keep that same energy.”

Watch the whole interview now with Dana Cortez! https://youtu.be/jJQFZV2tDj8

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