CBS Radio News Adds Major Upgrades to Their iPhone App


 width=CBS Radio News is releasing a major upgrade for its iPhone app making it easier than ever for listeners to tune into breaking news, sports, entertainment news and more.The updated app, available at iTunes, delivers to users live-streaming breaking news, special events coverage and push text messaging. The new app launch coincides with CBS News division-wide coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.”Our listeners now have more ways and devices from which to hear CBS Radio News and our goal is to provide them with the best possible experience,” said Harvey Nagler, CBS News Vice President, Radio. “This upgraded app will seamlessly take them from the convention floor to news hot spots around the globe.”New features include a new stream with uninterrupted coverage of special events, speeches, and other news conferences from the scene; the ability for users to tell friends what they’re listening to via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more; and to see headlines from the @CBSRadioNews feed.For listeners interested in politics, there is Eye on the White House, a feature for coverage of the Presidential race.The CBS Radio News iPhone app offers national and international news broadcasts every half-hour around the clock. The app features the best CBS Radio News reports on money, technology, health, politics and more.”The upgraded app has easy-to-use functions and improved graphics,” said Nagler. “These changes have made a useful app even better.”Besides breaking news, the CBS Radio News app delivers audio versions of 60 MINUTES, FACE THE NATION WITH BOB SCHIEFFER, WEEKEND ROUNDUP and CNET’s THE 404 tech show.The CBS Radio News app is available free through iTunes. Users who have already downloaded the app will get the new features as an update.