CBS Audio Network and Skyview Networks Announce Multi-Year Partnership Renewal

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Skyview Networks to Continue as the Exclusive Network Sales and Distribution Partner; Success in Ad Sales Propels CBS Audio Network’s Business Growth with Expanded Short-Form and Long-Form Content Serving News and Music Formats

Viacom’sCBS Audio Network and Skyview Networks announce the renewal of their highly successful partnership for network sales and distribution. Since partnering in 2018, the CBS network’s audience and revenue have grown through expanded programming and content integration campaigns that generate enthusiastic support and strong results from the advertising community. In the next phase of the partnership, the companies will further develop the CBS sales strategy that leverages their personalities and influencers in both long-form and short-form programming.

“Our CBS Audio Network partnership with Skyview Networks strengthens our ability to drive sales efforts,” said Craig Swagler, Vice President and General Manager for CBS Audio Network and CBS News Radio. “This collaboration continues to assure our 23 million weekly listeners that they will continue to get the highest level of quality journalism they are accustomed to, while also providing for new opportunities for growth.”

“CBS Audio Network’s commitment to collaborating with the agencies and advertisers has been key to their success,” said Jeanne-Marie Condo, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Skyview Networks. “The CBS team is incredibly creative and expert in using Viacom/CBS’s assets to produce unique content that is highly sought after in the ad community. We have hit our stride together and look forward to more significant growth and new opportunities ahead.”

CBS Audio Network’s news programming is considered among the most respected and trusted in broadcast journalism with numerous Edward R. Murrow awards for excellence. Building upon this CBS News heritage is a growing entertainment and pop culture product, CBS Connect, paired with a robust lineup of long and short-form programming, covering entertainment news, travel tips, personal finance guidance and consumer health advice.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with CBS and this multi-year renewal speaks to the growing momentum we are experiencing together,” said CEO of Skyview Networks, Ken Thiele. “As Skyview Networks continues its growth, we are actively planning additional opportunities built on CBS’s programming and integrations across our sales platforms. With today’s changing audio landscape, I am confident that our companies are poised for additional healthy growth.”

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