Friday, January 22, 2021

ON INNER CITY BROADCASTING: President Obama States Focusing on Recession Stressed Black Businesses Only...

Digital and Radio Facts: As I stated last week. while Inner City Broadcasting is having major financial problems, would it be fair to single black corporations out in this situation and help them and what would the backlash be? We all know... [...]

Timbaland Celebrates The Release Of Shock Value II (pics)

Digital and Radio Facts: LIV nightclub at Fontainebleau Miami - Miami Beach, FL United States [...]

On Egypt Sherrod and Urban DJs: Web and Networks Provide Best Opportunities for creating...

Digital and Radio Facts: Egypt Sherrod is the new midday host for WBLS in NY. Egypt is incredibly talented, but she can also stop traffic. You can tell she works hard on her skills, appearance and she hustles and gets a lot of outside work. [...]
Hot 97 Summer Jam is Going to Be Crazy!

Chris Brown Full Interview on 20/20 (vid)

Digital and Radio Facts: In an interview on ABC's 20/20 Chris Brown revealed that his apologetic track "Changed Man" made Rihanna cry after he played it for her just one month after their February 8th altercation in Los Angeles. [...]

Susan Boyle Destroys Music Industry Image Standard… for Good

Digital and Radio Facts: Looks like Reality Shows are killing the Video Star that killed the Radio Star, or at least the reality shows are killing the concept of video stars.Let's face it, 1 year ago Susan Boyle would have been given a mop and a bucket and pointed to [...]

Edolphus Towns Gives Arbitron 30 Days to Return with an Action Plan to Change...

Digital and Radio Facts: House leader Edolphus Towns has given Arbitron CEO Michael Skarzynski 30 days to return with an action plan to address the complaints that surfaced during Wednesday's more than 3- ½ hour House Oversight Committee hearing. [...]

Current PPM for Houston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas

Digital and Radio Facts: Here are Arbitron's current PPM ratings for the following markets...HOUSTON PPM for November 2009New York PPM November 2009Chicago PPM Nov 2009Philadelphia PPM November 2009Dallas PPM November 2009 [...]

Adam Lambert Scores #3 on Billboard Sales Charts, Controversy Sells?

Digital and Radio Facts: Looks like american idol has really broken the old industry stand ard.Let's face it, 10 years ago, Adam Lambert would have been escorted out of a record label by security (laugh) and never been signed to a label being the kind of act that he is... [...]

DJ Peachez, Power 92 Urban Radio DJ, Dies – Funeral Today

Digital and Radio Facts: Yet ANOTHER industry death. DJ Peachez passed November 25 after a very short illness. She had been with Power 92 since 2006 and will always be remembered as an inspiration to young women who aspire to be on air DJ's and Mixers. [...]