12 of the Greatest Black Christmas Songs of All Time

Digital and Radio Facts: The magic of Christmas music is all about songs connected to your memories, feelings and beliefs about the holidays.I am sharing my list (after checking it twice…but in no particular order) as a jumping off point to spark thoughts about what your list might look like…and I would love to read it. I purposefully left off some obvious ones as I wouldn’t be telling you about something you already knew. I also left off the “naughty” ones…cuz I really need St.

Most Underrated Black Female Singers

Digital and Radio Facts: About a decade ago, my colleague Kevin Ross compiled a list of Black female singers that he felt were underrated and under-appreciated in comparison to their talents. [...]

That Time When Al Jarreau Took Europe By Storm, Over the Rainbow and…

Radio Facts: Look to the Rainbow: Live in Europe – Al Jarreau (Warner Bros. – 1977)by A. Scott Galloway The first time most folks heard Al Jarreau, they had no idea who - let alone what - he was. [...]

RADIO FACTS: The Undeniable Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time

Radio Facts: Saying this upfront, compiling a list of Top 10 anything is a recipe for more blowback than solidarity no matter how you slice it. [...]

That Time When Wynton Marsalis Made the Splashiest Debut in Jazz and…

Wynton Marsalis – Wynton Marsalis (Columbia – 1982)by A. Scott Galloway (Special to Radio Facts )“Technique comes from practice and discipline, but quality comes from understanding. That’s what I want my music to have. The quality of understanding and individuality that makes jazz so great. [...]

That Time When Roberta Flack Closed Out 25 Years at Atlantic Records with a...

Roberta Flack – Roberta (Atlantic – 1994)by A. Scott Galloway (Special to Radio Facts )…and so, it begins again - a lady and a piano…stripping off a sliver of her hungry heart and offering it wholly holy to you…via a voice of pure alto divinity. [...]

That Time When Jimi Hendrix’s New Album Was a Soundtrack and an Epitaph

That Time When Hendrix’s New Album was a Soundtrack and an Epitaph Jimi Hendrix – “Rainbow Bridge” soundtrack (Reprise – 1971)by A. [...]

That Time When WAR Shouldered the Weight of the World…Smoggy-Eyed

Radio Facts: WAR – The World is a Ghetto (United Artists – 1972)By A. Scott Galloway“To us, the whole concept of the musical idol and the fan has become passé’. We are street people…our music often comes from the street level. [...]

That Time When Alexander O’Neal Came Down the Chimney with a BUMP and …

That Time When Alexander O’Neal Came Down the Chimney with a BUMP and…My Gift To You – Alexander O’Neal (Tabu – 1988)by A. [...]

That Time When The Isley Brothers Created Their Second Perfect Album and…

The Isley Brothers – Go For Your Guns(T-Neck /CBS - 1977)by A. Scott Galloway (Special to Radio Facts )When The Isley Brothers began working on the 5th album of their 3+3 incarnation, they knew they had to come with something next level. [...]

That Time Grace Jones Switched Lanes: Feeling Like a Woman, Looking Like a Man...

Digital and Radio Facts: Grace Jones – Nightclubbing (Island Records – 1981)by A. [...]