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CAN’T STOP LAUGHING: Debra Lee has "Entourage" at BET Awards

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I did not go to the . At this age and at this time in my legendary and historic career as an extremely looking black man, I am too damn old to be hangin‘ out at these types of events. It would be like one of the Temptations haning out with . I have to say, seeing people over 40 at these events, unless you are working, is almost pitiful and to some degree…desperate. To that end, can someone tell me why was seen in several spots with an entourage? (can you PLEASE help me stop laughing?). Who in the hell is she supposed to be Beyonce or Nelly? , I will give her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps at a BET event like this people are bombarding her but my sources tell me Ms. Lee was acting more like (laugh). In addition, wonder what REALLY went down with the story we broke on leaving. I’m willing to “BET” (for the lack of a better word) he and Debra clashed.

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