Candace Owens Says the Biggest Problem in America Today is White Guilt (video)


Candace Owens is not shy about her opinions which generally go against the black community. Here she says that Black people act like toddlers by using white guilt as a way to get what they want.

Candace also states that the biggest problem in America is white people feeling guilty about what they’ve done, if anything; she says that is what is institutionalized.

photo of Candace Owens
photo of Candace Owens

There is no law. There is nothing that says that I can’t do something as a black person that you can do so it’s completely false what we’re really talking about is people wanting to absolve themselves of personal responsibility.

The biggest problem in America today it’s white guilt, and that’s the biggest problem that we have in America today. It’s been politicized, institutionalized by politicians by feeling bad for themselves and therefore allowing people are allowing Black people and white people alike, you know, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to run around and act like toddlers.

Right, so there’s an emotional immaturity that is happening in black America that spawns from the education system, which shapes you from the time that you were in kindergarten to believe that because you’re black you can’t in America when you keep telling a child over and over again they can’t because they won’t. They will begin to believe in their own futility and this is the thing that I try to conquer

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