Candace Owens Says George Floyd was a Criminal


Candace Owens is very interesting. Most people don’t hear her out, the minute they disagree with her they turn her off but she does make some interesting points.

Here she states that Black people love to be victims and that we are our biggest enemies who refuse to deal with our own problems and killings in the community. She says we blame white people for everything and take responsibility for very little.

Who is Candace Owens? 

Candace Amber Owens is an American conservative author, talk show host, activist and political commentator.  

Her Birth, early life and education  

Candace was born on April 29, 1989 as the third of four children and raised in Stamford, Connecticut.  From the age of 11 or 12, their grandparents brought her and her siblings up after their parents divorced. 

Her paternal grandfather was a Black American, born in North Carolina and her grandmother is a Caribbean American who is originally from Saint Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands.  

She is a graduate of the Stamford High School.  Candace’s life in high school was not all rosy.  She said when she was 17 she received three racist death threat voicemail messages 2 minutes long from a group of white male who were her classmates.

Following this threat, Owen’s family used the Stamford Board of Education in the federal court alleging that they did not protect their child’s rights.  This resulted in a $37,500 settlement in 2008.  Candace has talked about this horrendous experience on Tedx talk.   

After high school, Owens pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism at the University of Rhode Island.  However, she dropped out after her junior year because of an issue with her student loan. 

She started working as an intern for vogue magazine in New York.  In 2012, she took a job as an administrative assistant for a private equity farm in Manhattan, New York, later moving up the ladder to become its Vice President of administration. 

Her early career

In 2015, Candace Owens was the CEO of Degree 180, a marketing company that offered consultation, production as well as planning services. 

The website included a blog written by Owens and frequently posted anti-conservative and anti-Trump content.  In one of those posts, she mocked Trumps penis size.  

In 2015, Owens wrote a column for the site and criticized the Conservative Republicans writing about the “bat-shit-crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party.”  She added “The good news is, they will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope), and then we can get right on with the OBVIOUS social change that needs to happen, IMMEDIATELY.”

Owen’s Privacy violation and political transformation 

In 2016, Owens launched a website, that she said it would expose bullies on the internet by tracking their digital footprint.  The site would have solicited users take screenshots of offensive posts and send them to her.  She would then categorize them by the user’s name. To grow her website, she used Kickstarter and crowdfunding.   

This website was immediately termed controversial drawing lots of criticism that Candace was de-anonymizing internet users and violating their privacy.  The Daily Dot reported, “People from all sides of the anti-harassment debate were quick to criticize the database, calling it a public shaming list that would encourage doxing and retaliatory harassment.”  Both progressives and conservatives condemned the website and in retaliation, people began posting Owen’s private details online.  

Owens blamed the doxing on progressives involved in the Gamergate Controversy and earned the support of conservatives involved in the Gamergate controversy including Trump supporters Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.

In 2017, she became a conservative saying “I became a conservative overnight … I realized that liberals were actually the racists. Liberals were actually the trolls … Social Autopsy is why I’m conservative”  

When all this was happening Kickstarter suspended funding for Social Autopsy, and the website was never created. 

Candice’s Conservative activism

Late 2017, Owens started producing pro-Trump commentary, and criticism of liberal rhetoric regarding structural racism, systemic inequality, and identity politics.  

At the same time, she began posting politically themed videos to YouTube. Within the same period, she launched Red Pill Black, a website and YouTube channel that promotes black conservatism in the United States.

November 21, 2017, Owens was hired as the organization’s director of urban engagement at the MAGA Rally and Expo in Rockford, Illinois.  Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk announced her new position in the wake of allegations of racism at Turning Point.  In May 2019, Owens announced her departure as communications director for the organization.

In 2018 Candace was having both the love and hate tweets flowing freely on the social media.  In April, Kanye West tweeted “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” The tweet was met with derision among some of West’s fans.

In May 2018, President Donald Trump said that Owens “is having a big impact on politics in our country. She represents an ever-expanding group of very smart ‘thinkers,’ and it is wonderful to watch and hear the dialogue going on… so good for our Country!”

April 2020, Candace announced her intention either to run for office in the U.S. Senate or to be a governor.  She also made it clear that she would only run against an incumbent Democrat, not a Republican.  She did not reveal which specific office she would run for, or in which election cycle.

During The Daily Wires coverage of the 2020 U.S. Election, Candace Owens announced she would be joining The Daily Wire and would be hosting her own show.  And she confirmed it later in a tweet “The rumors are true. I’m moving to Nashville and joining the Daily Wire!! This was a tough secret to keep. I couldn’t be more excited!! Her podcast Candace premiered on the platform on March 19, 2021.”

In February 2021, Owens tweeted that she was considering a run for President in 2024.

Owen’s Blexit foundation

The original Blexit movement was started in 2016 by Me’La Connelly.  It was started with the goal of achieving Black economic independence by encouraging Black Americans to leave the traditional financial systems that has historically disadvantaged the Black community.

However, in late 2018, Owens launched a different Blexit foundation, which featured a social media campaign seeking to encourage African Americans (plus Latinos and other minorities) to register as Republicans and abandon the Democratic Party with the promise of freedom. 

Owen’s controversial statements

Owen continues to give her controversial statements on various matters with George Floyds matter being the latest.  

In June 2020, Owens falsely claimed that George Soros paid people to protest the murder of George Floyd.  

Shortly afterwards, she argued that George Floyd “was not a good person. I don’t care who wants to spin that.”  She said, “The fact that he has been held up as a martyr sickens me.”  Then-President Trump retweeted Owens’s remarks about Floyd.  In a Facebook video that garnered nearly 100 million views, Owens called Floyd a “horrible human being”, citing his criminal record, and called racial biases among police a “fake narrative.

On April 20, 2021, Owens claimed that the guilty verdict given to former police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd was influenced by “mob justice” supposedly being pushed by the mainstream media and the Democrats.”

That’s Candace Owens – she does not look like she will stop any time soon; we can only keep guessing what she will say or tweet next. 



  1. Candace Owen’s sadly bleach-washed opinion that George Floyd just a criminal.
    Scott Peterson; criminal that killed BABY…still alive… and how many more could be named
    Candace Owens; criminal caught speeding…still alive

      • Trump is the best American president who cares about all Americans. He is a real patriot and tries to help everyone in this country. He decreased taxes for small businesses and people, allowed to drill oil in this country. He respect the Constitution and the rights of people. He is building the wall to deal with illegal immigrants’ invasion. People appreciate his efforts and he will be re-elected in November.

          • She’s 100% right. There’s no debating fact. You can hate on her post or post snide comments all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts and you are just proving her points. When you refuse to accept facts and apply logic and common sense that shows a lack of intellect. You’re being used. Now don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are using white people too in this but it’s a sick, psychotic, game just to get votes. Remember you’re all deplorables and expendable so to the Democrats

        • Your a moron he literally used police force to clear away non violent protestors so that he could take a photo in front of a church awkwardly holding a Bible (you know his favorite book) watch his speeches from begining to end don’t just believe what Fox news says. Anything he says or does is only politically motivated it’s only to become president again it’s not in any of our interest but his own political gain for gods sakes America is in crisis like we’ve never known and he just blames our problems on everything and everyone else it’s shameful and it makes you look like a moron for supporting someone as inept as Trump is. I pity people with your lack of ability to see through his lies and udder bullshit shame on you and your incompetence!!

      • You are crazy. He is not a pedophile. He is a great president, not like tha last one that is gay and married to a man !!!!!!!!!

      • And you are guilty of being a dumb ass. Also guilty of liable and slander. You trump haters are so uneducated and say what enters your pea brain, no facts just lies.

    • Candace makes very good point. You should open your mind.i know she doesn’t follow the typical feel bad for me because I’m black narrative.

      • If your life ended today, what legacy would you leave? This imperfect man’s life should not be whitewashed. Simple people go down in history as a catalyst for change. George’s unfortunate death will be a catalyst for change. The police had this criminal on the ground , kissing asphalt, crying” I can’t breathe,” and calling for his mother should be punishment enough for these past deeds.

  2. this thief should shut up. what she says makes me cringe……she needs to go to helll. very insensitive , even if you hate your skin colour shut up.

    • You are the perfect example of what Ms. Owens talks about in terms of condoning and dismissing bad behavior, please accept the truth for what it is!… Don’t be blind by color or undeserved loyalty just because we happen to belong to a community, bringing his criminal record afloat was part of her search before deciding where her values are as a person. The whole country agree that, what was done to Mr. Floyd is wrong, at no point is she saying the contrary, she merely states her personal opinion and her reasons. I admire and follow people like her, that use their platform to promote the good in people and show that is up to us to strive for a better life. The road is not free of thorns for anybody regardless of who we are…God bless!!!

      • Candace, like many you see and hear on the conservative side, is an opportunist. She says what she knows certain people think and it empowers idiotic thoughts. I congratulate her on branding herself and getting paid. In the long run, as people tend to only care about themselves, she will be fine.

      • What good did she promote? I think you simply enjoy hearing her criticize the thing she hates most which is her own skin…. I just would love to meet her parents, but I’m sure she dislike them also, but love Donald Trump and thinks he’s doing a great job….
        Take a seat, because you’re a piece of shit.

      • You’re the one condoning and dismissing bad behavior! You don’t think stepping on someone’s neck and suffocating them to death isn’t BAD BEHAVIOR?? IDIOT!

    • Your funny… making that comment about her going to hell. If I do remember correctly God created all of us in is image, with that being said if you hate someone because of the color of their skin you need to turn to God and ask him to take that hate away before you end up in the pit of hell…

    • Don’t ever wish he’ll on someone.God saves the worse for the worse and he who wishes that in anyone is asking for a terrible eternity.

      • You can wish hell on someone all you want but the truth of the matter is if that individual believes Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and has Jesus as his personal savior, he will be granted entrance to heaven.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he was a criminal or not he didn’t deserve to die the way he did maybe it should have been you.

  4. Very well said…I agree that he should have not died and that saddens me….the cop is getting what he should get….the sad part is we as Americans, draw lines in the sand for people to choose a side. Eliminate the line and we can try to blend. We are all the same, we pay taxes, go to church, go to work the same way….I pray to all that we somehow blind our eyesight and realize no matter the skin color, we all bleed the same. Please come together America…

  5. You are a disgrace of your own color… does not matter if he was a criminal or not he still did not deserved to die

      • But she still missed the point .If there was a crime committed it should have been handled in a court of law NOT ON THE STREETS for all to see especially kids,and we wonder why we have to spend tax dollars for policeman to build relationships with kids in the community because they’re now scared of cops.LORD JESUS WHO DIED ON CALVARY TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS PLEASE HELP US ALL.

    • Agreed, but don’t immortalize him either. The trial of these officers will certainly show that Floyd was not a choir boy or a productive citizen. In fact his last act was to try and pass counterfeit money. To have people’s lives ruined throughout the country, both black and white, is absurd. How about the elderly black man who was running from a cop several years ago because he was behind in child support. That was very sad and worth mass protesting, where was everyone?

    • Did you even listen? She said that! No one believes what happened was ok. You don’t have to like it but facts are facts and truth hurts.
      Peaceful protest is good but looting and mayhem that is happening is only hurting the cause.

  6. You all are incredible…. Cracks me up that you only hear what you want to hear or you twist what was said. You people making comments… She never said he deserved to die because he was a criminal, she just pointed out that he was far from the most upstanding person in black society, and society as a whole. In fact she went out of her way to make the point that he did not deserve to die at the hands of Derek Chauvin.

  7. Then why mention his “PAST”? Who is America/the world has an upstanding character, not even her, I’m how she’s dragging up this man’s past.

    • Not all of us have done 5 stints in prison including robbing a pregnant woman at knife and gun point in her own home. If that’s the standard I can throw that stone. She also says she believes in second chances but draws the line at 4,5,6 and seven or whatever and she also acknowledged the gap between his last conviction but points out having drugs in his system cals that into quesstion

      • Incarcerations it’s self is a infectious disease that affects mostly the poor? The rich comment criminal acts but get white collar sentences. Correction intuitions are big business. Again we are talking about corrupt Corporate America. It’s easier and more profitable to just send them to prison. As a tax payer you might want to educate yourself about this. We the working class pay for the correction institutions. But most are own by corporations. As far as her giving anybody a 3,4,5 chance that is a typical raciest statement. Most repeat incarcerated do not commit new crimes, they are in violation or parole. Learn about it. Please know one of the worst racist is one that is racist to there own people.

  8. Everyone has a past and prayerfully if you live long enough you can get past it. Our God is a second chance GOD who forgives us our sins if we trust n believe in HIM. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. But no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to take another’s life. Be it BLACK ON BLACK. POLICE RELATED OR ANY OTHER NATIONALITY. I PRAY everyday for Floyd his family and the officers involved.

  9. It doesn’t matter his past we all have flaws. GOD chose Floyd as his disciple to bring healing to this world! It’s up to us to listen to the message and come together to make this a better world for all!!

  10. Incredibly moving and well thought out. Candace agrees his death was a tragedy but now his death (which everyone agrees was unwarranted) could have been a learning experience and an inflection point in society but has been hijacked by thugs, looters, and rioters. Peaceful protests are not being shut down. Peaceful protestors are not being jailed. Peaceful protestors are not marginalized. But if one person at a peaceful protest throws a brick, a rock, or swings a fist, it is no longer a peaceful protest and the rest of us suffer for those one or few people’s actions. I learned in the Marine Corps that one person can ruin it for the many and that is what you are seeing today. If you see looting, spray painting, destruction of property yet stand idly by claiming peaceful protest asylum, you are part of the problem. Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution. Be the backbone of the greatest experiment on earth. We can overcome anything if we work together and come up with logical, valid solutions to what ails us.

  11. If you’d bother to watch the entire video, you’d understand her position… and probably agree.
    She points out that Floyd is not a role model and then goes on to name true role models. She doesn’t say anything close to indicating that Floyd’s death was justified; just the opposite. But she does say that he is not the one for whom you should fall on your sword.
    You want things to change? Begin with yourself. What’s going on now happened in Detroit in 1967 and that is now a failed city with an 80% black population that has had ample opportunity to change things, but chose corrupt mayors and other officials instead. The rot begins at home.

  12. I am confused by your double speak. On one hand you say you believe in second chances, then on the other hand you say you are not happy that he had been criminally free for the last 5 years, which is it?
    Also, you are selective in speaking up against black crimes, but what of our sitting president, could you share some of that passion in analyzing him too? That would be fair.

  13. i am a convicted felon. when i was younger i did stupid shit . i have 3 felonies. should i be cast out as broken? i have a lot of trouble finding good paying jobs because i am judged by my past . it has literally been over twenty years since my last occurrence. i know its all on me and i’ve accepted that but society never forgets or forgives. so candace acts all high and mighty? why because she was lucky enough to be given a platform that she unfortunately uses to disparage others and look down on people not as fortunate. sad . i hope she just goes away when trump is gone .

  14. I am a 75 years of age I have seen and heard a lot ! George has done a lot of wrong in his life but no one deserves to die the way he did. Candace you had a lot to say but did you have to list all the things he’s done in his lifetime! I never been to jail in my lifetime but I have sinned, hopefully when my time come someone won’t listed my sins and air them out! He done some awful things like the pregnant woman being held at gun point and many other things. He has to stand before God and give an account for his actions! We are not to judge! I don’t believe we as a people has put him on a pedestal I know I haven’t! Like I said I have seen a lot in my 75 years and it was not pretty! RIP George ??

  15. She’s entitled to her opinion and to stand on whatever side she wants. She’s condemning George Floyd for his past transgressions but said Kobe is her hero. Although some people believed he was guilty of rape. She reminds the movie “Frankie & Alice. A true story played by Halle Berry of an African American woman who had Disassociative Personality Disorder. Her two personalities were a 7 yr old girl and a racist white woman. Candice is clearly dealing with the same except she sounds more like a racist white man.

  16. Okay so we can tell who’s an idiot when stupidity continues to try to come out of nowhere and use the word Ni**er. If you did your research the man was accused of having a fake $20 bill which turned out to be real so where’s the criminal act at dumbass. I don’t care who you are (black, white, purple or green)…if you believe this man is being treated as a hero then you are deaf, dumb & blind to the real issues that continues to bring down the integrity of the United States of America. This is a protest to stop Police Brutality and try to wash away racism that still exist when people like yourself feel it’s still okay to use the N word against/towards Black people. When were you taught to hate our race? You weren’t born this way so someone taught you to hate…it’s a disgrace that in the year 2020 we still have to go through this kind of mess.

  17. Bad choices do not make a person a criminal for life. It does not make a person a model citizen but God forgives all who come to Him for forgiveness. There is nothing that Mr Floyd had to prove to anyone who is currently judging him. He may have been high on drugs or had drugs on him but please tell me which one of those things is a death sentence? He was not combative nor did he try to resist arrest. He didn’t run away or have a weapon In his possession. A counterfeit bill can be received from anywhere to include the ATM. Not trying to defend him for his past but that is exactly what it is a past. Look at the background of some of the celebrities you worship or the politicians you support. Supposedly in our FAIR justice system in this land of opportunity we all have the same equal rights and opportunities . This is the LIE that this country was built on. This is not about trying to make Mr Floyd a martyr this is about a history of inequality and oppression of a race. This is about a white man killing a black man who constantly pleaded that he could not breathe and his death being recorded on social media for the world to see and feel. You have to painfully watch this MAN die not because at this point he was threatening but just because this officer felt he had the right to take his life and to surely believe there would be no real consequences . Mr Floyd may not have been a saint but he was a human being. If anyone has a heart or if you have any African American males in your family you can’t help but feel something. Any person that has lived anytime in this country knows why this happened so let’s stop turning a blind eye. Stop trying to make this about Mr Floyd being a criminal or a saint and make it about continuing racism in this country and the fact that things are not equal when it comes to justice or punishment issued for any crime no matter how big or small. America needs to do better. Lastly Ms Owens you are truly delusional if you really believe some of the things you said. Live long enough and possibly have to raise a son biracial or black. History has a way of repeating itself.

  18. I think Candace has a very intelligent perspective. I believe she speaks for more blacks than will openly admit. I respect her ideology and wish more politicians, black or white, would follow her lead. Don’t ignore her, she will be a strong voice soon.

  19. So when the cops came to the scene they knew Mr. Floyd’s criminal record? Or did they just know that a black man had a fake $20 bill? What white person has gotten murdered by police for $20? I know you’re going to say “we agree, but…” There’s no but and this not an isolated incident. Stop f’ing killing us!

  20. Somewhere and Somehow; Free Speech became the right to denounce all other opinion as a crime !! And in is anti-American…there are no special rights in the law that cause Discrimination and Bigoted Bias toward the oppressed !! Todays Free Speech is now a justification to criminalize your rights !! We have the right to prosecute crime in a due process !! Blacks should know
    they control as much of the process from the underclass…As the overclass control from above!!! Riots Violence Destruction Is Not A Remedy to Injustice No Cop Can Kill without Cause
    and Every Cop Better Not Allow A Crime To Happen…Idealism I Know!! ok ok now back to hell war repression destruction chaos anarchy And Free Rights for Criminals Movement

  21. Wow!! Very well said! Go you for standing up for the truth! I don’t agree at all with the cops actions or his death that followed. I do however agree 100% with you for what it’s worth!

  22. OK privileged little black girl who had both her parents, didn’t have to struggle, don’t have no student loan debt because they paid for your college tuition, obviously you don’t know what it’s like to be poor, obviously you don’t know what it’s like to show up black and be denied a job. obviously you don’t know what it’s like to be black, period.
    Black people don’t claim to be victims because we’re victimized, we ARE victimized because of the color of our skin, but if you’ve never experienced that, since it doesn’t apply to you, so how would you know?

  23. Wow, the truth hurts when it comes from an educated and articulate minority. I think the far left blacks and whites would like to muzzle every human being who does not fit their narrative. If every person in America was anything close to Ms Owens character, what a nice world this would be. Listen to her and stop playing the race card. We are all sick of it. Go Candice and speak your free thinking mind….

  24. Candice, you remind me of an umpire. A strike is a strike and a ball is a ball. Thank you for not being a cookie cutter of the far left and thinking for yourself. You are obviously educated and exceptionally gifted communicator. Keep up the honest and good work. Don’t let anyone push you towards a narrative that doesn’t make any sense.

  25. I love this young lady I have so much respect for her I pray God Bless and keep her in his loving arms . I understand why your Are saying and I am not a white person thank you ?

  26. Why is it ok for all those white kids to go shoot up schools and kill those innocent children don’t end up being choked to death by cops! No they talk to them handcuff them nicely. Why is that. But when a black persons commits a crime they feel that it’s ok to strangle them or choke or shoot them to death just bc they’re blank. Wrong on every level!

  27. Thank you! I’ve had many of these very same thoughts but could not express them because I am white. My hat is off to you. God bless.

  28. Who brainwashed the person? I hope she never needs help from the very people she hates. She hates who she is. She’s a sad creature.

  29. Why is it ok for white kids to go shoot up schools and kill all these innocent children and when the cops find them they just handcuff the nicely but when it’s a black person they feel like they have the power to kill and shoot them.

  30. This woman is RIGHT in the sense that if Floyd had NOT been doing something “criminally”, he would NOT have had the encounter he had with the police, and WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! What is getting overlooked is WHY Mr. Floyd had the police called on him. He did NOT call them on himself. Did he deserve to get murdered? Of course not. But people have got to learn (regardless of your skin-color!), that if you do NOT want to have adverse encounters with law enforcement that may result in you getting murdered by them, DO NOT DO THINGS THAT DRAW THEIR ATTENTION TO YOU! OBEy thE FUCKING LAWS! Mr. Floyd failed at this. And his death was the result. It is NOT his fault for getting murdered. It IS his fault for engaging in criminal conduct. PERIOD!

  31. We need to shift our position to one of actually helping lower income families instead of perpetuating the cycles of fatherlessness, welfare dependency, terrible education opportunities, crime drenched, no hope existence. I think we need the CCC back. Especially with the situation this country is in because of the Coronavirus.

  32. To show yall how sour she is was its she did big investigation on George life …And made video ..But how much investigation did she do on cop that killed him how was his life history ..She dig up info on another black that was killed for no reason …Why did you target George why not mention cop history or maybe both history

  33. Thank you for speaking your truth. I think we must respect each other’s point of view rather we agree or disagree. I like the fact you done your homework and present some truthful statistics on crime in different areas. I don’t agree with all that you said but I do agree with most of it. I don’t believe that Mr. Floyd is being set, to be idolize but being used as just another example of the injustice and Brutality that is being used on people more accessibly. I think you should admit, the incidents being focus on was very harsh for anyone, and lately directed towards black Americans with no repercussions. Continue to be a voice, never be silenced to the injustice of any person but be compassion about the people and the issues. God bless

  34. If he would have just gotten in the cop car like he was supposed to when you are told you are under arrest we wouldn’t be in this situation…the video was hard to watch…I had watch another HUMAN BEING’s life get snuffed out of him in a horrible and slow painful way but it could have been avoided by complying with the police when being arrested that goes for this time as well as COUNTLESS others..especially when that person knows they have done nothing wrong when complying the truth will come out.. this sucks so much many lives have been turned upside down now. It’s seems like such a terrible world we are living in right now. Please god bless all people and help us get through this and fix our society’s problems!!!

  35. What happened was terrible It was very hard to watch that video…I had to watch another HUMAN BEING’S life get snuffed out of him in a horrible slow and painful way. But what happened in this instance and sooooo many others in our country could be avoided by simple compliance..when one is being placed under arrest there is only 1 CORRECT thing to do and that is comply…it sucks so much to understand if he would have just complied and gotten into the police cruiser when he was told he was being placed under arrest none of that would have happened to him.i am in no way a sensitive man but Watching that video brought a tear to my eye Seeing the fear in his eyes and the hearing it in his voice was terrible and hard to witness happen to a fellow human being. I don’t know his criminal past or whatever Nor would it matter but What happened to him is not ok to happen to any other HUMAN BEING (which is what we all are regardless of color or background)I think change is (as iv heard and read plenty times before) something that needs to begin with the individual or ourselves..if we don’t like racism and racist society why not start with something very small like raising our children and to not see color of skin or using it as the reason we did or didn’t get what we wanted (that is one of the most common bs excuses for people as to why someone maybe racist or prejudice “oh that’s just how they were raised”). also something as simple as stopping with the fucking racist jokes and stereotypes I cannot stand them. that is the simplest step towards eliminating racism stop putting humor behind it. It’s fucking awful what you may find funny may very well be very insulting and insensitive to others. Please people let’s get OUR shit together. Please god bless us all black white purple blue I don’t fucking care and that is how I will raise my children. I do believe we can get there but hey let’s do it in our lifetime how bout that!?!?!?

  36. Agree! He didn’t deserve to be dead, but he should not have been treated like a hero, like the word “in honor of …”. If he didn’t do anything which is not correct, why did cop catch him?

  37. Wow you got good point there I know there is a terrible culture needs a huge change in the American blacks they do not want to hear the facts But there is also a big systematic problem also1

  38. This bitch totally lost her fucking mind, we call people like her house niggas, the bitch supports Trump who hate blacks, and disrespects women altogether, just because your fucking a white man doesn’t mean that you are white you dumb bitch

  39. The problem I have is: NO ONE has the right to take another person’s life (PERIOD). We all have done some things that we are not proud of, if you haven’t then just keep living. George Floyd was a human being and he should have been treated as such. Mr. Floyd should have been arrested taken to jail (alive).

  40. It’s all I can do to get through the COUNTLESS spelling and grammatical errors in the MANY comments above. Did no one attend English class? If you want to make a meaningful, poignant point, please spell/state it correctly. This is much too important an issue to not get it right.

  41. She has a mental thought disorder or she’s getting paid to talk trash about her people. She ain’t getting no view time from me.

  42. And that is wrong to.This is not just about blacks and whites citizens and policemen.Its about policemen killing a man instead of taking him to jail until he has his day in court even though he did’t commit a crime. If we allow this to continue to happen America will be like the wild Wild West allowing police to decide who is less than and killing them.Which will end up affecting all races.

  43. First and foremost your right on so many levels about us blacks using are color to justify why we do and act the way we do, however I don’t remember hearing anyone saying hes was a mortar are we are putting him on any level of an Martin Luther king. There’s been black killings across the nation in recent months. Seeing Mr. Floyd die in front of the black community struck a nerve. Whether you agree with the shirts being made, those folks that decide to wear to represent black killings is there choices. In my opinion we should have started this protesting once the news came about Mr. Arbery incident. Also Mr. Floyd little girl doesn’t see him that way. Yes he was having a hard life however its not your right to put lasting videos about her dad. Your making this about Mr. Floyd but its about black skin. Mr. Floyd will be judged for his life, hes gone now, however his daughter is still here and his family. If they want her to know those things about her dad thats on them not you! You speak well and I agree with somethings you say, but think about all sides of the situation before making statements. As far as the numbers on white and black. Not all black killings are being reported. You maybe right but its possible your wrong. Staying away from crime staying out of criminal situations. I have all my life but it never changed the fact. I’ve been harassed several times for being BLACK!

  44. Candace Owen is a self hater. It always amazes me how some white people agree with everything she says and pretend to admire her.

  45. I work in a store where people was given a fake $20 in change after cashing check at bank or given change to individual. So quick to jumb to conclusions. True fact racism is real in America. And we all need to Pray for change.

  46. This is about a man who was murdered, and to watch on video of him saying he can’t breathe but rather than stop he pressed even harder. But your response is what blacks do as an ethnic group, rather than what was done. People like you and Candace Owens are on mute, it’s time to hold these killers accountable for their actions…. don’t tell me about vandals and riots until you’re ready to answers what prompted these actions in the first place…

  47. Who gives her the right to judge a person mistakes and discount their death, I’m sure if this happen to one of her love ones she couldn’t say what she’s saying. No matter where his life was he didn’t deserve to die this way. R.I.P.

  48. Because no matter what crime he’s committed in his past it was not up to that cop to judge and kill him

  49. Wow! What’s sad is that Candace meets the stereotype of black girl who wishes she was white! Heavy makeup, bleached skin, unhealthy hair, non styled hair! It’s crazy how you don’t realize they are using you as their guinea pig for them! Regardless of what he may or may not have done in his past! He did not deserve to die the way he did PERIODT! Even with you so called trying to expose his record he only appeared to have 1 VIOLENT crime out of the others you named! I’m pretty sure you have driven above the speed limit or ran a red light in your time! Hell you probably have family members that have committed even worser crimes! Based off your own theory You ARE A CRIMINAL Candace! The fight right now is due to the way he was wrongly treated while in police custody! You did your little percentages, but we all know those numbers don’t reflect on those who died and there was no media there to caught it! You better take heed from Stacy Dash! She tried to bash her black community now look at her!

  50. Man she don’t get the point. None of those other races get pulled over for a brake light and get approached by cops with guns out. They are intimidated by the color of our skin no matter if we are law abiding citizens or not!!! You can be next let’s not forget it was just a lady relaxing in her house that was killed by cops in the wrong house. You don’t hear stories about stuff like that with other races

  51. Stfu up you sound dumb as hell. That man was murdered. Do you have a fucking brother. If so, I bet you wouldn’t be saying this if it was him

  52. This person is a wannabe like the black woman that was in Mr. Trump cabinet in the White House. We must pity people like them. They are black Americans that hate themselves and don’t know it.

  53. When I first heard her voice, I turned off the video! It is just plain and simple, “If you were not born in this Country and really know what our ancestors went through, you just need to shut your Mouth!!” Even if you have ready our history and heard the horror stories, you still do not know the half of what Blacks went through and is going through right now. Maybe if we had done what Louis Farrakhan said from the start, I think we might have been better off!

  54. You’re delusional, Trump IS a criminal, and he’s losing supporters. The only people voting for him is his brainwashed cult, and thank GOODNESS you people are the MINORITY!

  55. She hit the nail right on the head. 13% got the rest of the country worried. Why, because they’d rip your head off. Like 20-1. Wolf packs.

  56. All you doing is helping white American and police look at us as criminal. If he has this record what does that have to do with his death. At the hands of the police if his crinmal record is true that your rattling off ok we went to jail. It’s obvious he was having a drug issue are you really reading and understanding what you read. That didn’t give them the right to kill him. You obvious have never experienced a family member or friend having a drug issue. Besides his criminal life you missing the point THE KILLED A BLACK MAN YET AGAIN.

  57. Candace,
    You are very brave to voice your opinion and I applaud you. You have a balanced report: rightfully condemning the policeman for his actions, chastising the media for selective reporting, and scolding some of the black community for putting George Floyd up as a martyr. Well researched.

  58. The woman’s comment alienated me when she comments lead me to understand that her community is the only community that insists on benefits fort it’s most disadvantaged. That seems to be easily seen to be false. Either I miss understood her entirely or she proceeds from a false assumption.

  59. What makes a person Amazing? Is it Perfection? The only perfect person that walked this Earth was God. We’ve all made mistakes. Is it possible that his environment contributed to some of his choices? It it possible that your environment has contributed to some of yours? Let’s stop judging people and leave that to God. Everyone, regardless of their choices, is a part of the human race and deserves the right to a future and chance to be the best version of themselves.

  60. Blaming the victim. Shame on you. It’s the equivalent of blaming the woman who is rapped. Do more reading. It’s a common mistake idiots make. You are an idiot. I feel sorry for you because you have lost your sense of humanity. As an educated black women I cringe when someone like you speaks because you make it easy for racists to keep doing what they are doing. Educate yourself before you speak again. When you do speak, speak from a sense of love & pride for your own race. You can criticize your race without being hateful. Otherwise people will not listen to you or take you serious. You come across heartless & like your justifying George’s death. How did you get like this?

  61. You can say what you want but that doesn’t make it true. Usually the thing that someone accuses you of is the very thing that they themselves are doing. I’ve heard that saying it takes one to no one.No hate speech please

  62. Where’s the outcry for Mr. Born who was killed by black looters? Oh wait he was a cop he was protecting a friends pawn shop, yeah what happened to Mr Floyd is a tragedy, I like Candace Owens, she doesn’t play the victims game, she’s a headstrong women. People who say she hates her skin color all I can say is that all you are is jealous.

  63. All police are not like that, that officer probably was sick and tired of the bullshit some of the black race brings on their self.

  64. Where is the proof he was attacked and killed because he was black? Police brutality is wrong. But given his past maybe they thought he was violent. Maybe he was short of breath because of the fentanyl? Did the cop intentionally kill him or was it an accident. Just because he happened to be black and die the Democrats in an election year saw the chance to stir up hate and to trick people into supporting them. They don’t care about you or that man. The people going on and on about race are the racists. All lives matter. You can whine snd bitch and moan and say Candace and me and everyone who disagrees is crazy but ALL you are doing is proving her right. There is. I debating fact. The truth is not going to change because all you see is what you want to see. Opinions will not change facts.

  65. You are so bent out of shape. If you want things to change then you need to start with yourself. Change requires people to work together. Having such a nasty attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere!

  66. Candace Owen will you be my friend? Your passion and your thought process is exactly how I feel about those who do wrong period! I was raised in the military; my dads best friend with whom he worked with; was a man of different color- this man took on the responsibility that if anything was ever to happen to my dad that he would assure we were taken care of and that agreement went both ways….see he had a family too—— we are talking about in the 80’s and 90’s . Fast forward too the 2000’s And I have given birth to 3 girls 2000, 2002 and 2007 and when any of their friends came over and currently still come over there was and is a variety of Barbie Dolls, Dolls, Movies, Music and books (to name a few) for anyone to choose from. I raised my girls to look at a persons heart – the persons character – society especially the media has played us all- they are the ones making it about the color of ones skin…. when my blonde haired blue / brown eyed baby girls wanted to buy a new doll with the money she earned , or saved for, or placed on her bday or Christmas list —- never ONE TIME DID I QUESTION OR TELL THEM NO BECAUSE THEY WANTED THE Darker skin doll!! It was not a debate or even a thought it was just the same as if it was a white doll!!

  67. Ray Mac You are an idiot! Plain and simple. Trump is no criminal, he does however have a Problem speaking or tweeting Before thinking. On same note though all of the looters and thieves claiming to be protesting should be shot and or arrested. There is a way to protest peacefully and there are a lot of people that do and also a lot of people doing nothing but thieving and looting. I find it quite funny that everyone is begging for solidarity and to come together, when the #black lives matter can’t even control the other black people from looting and thieving, that are supposedly protesting. Violence goes both ways

  68. Okay. I watched the whole thing. Her premise that people are equating George Floyd with Martin Luther King, Jr. is utter nonsense. She uses that premise to launch into some well rehearsed regurgitation of conservative talking points. While some of those statistics and analyses may have merit, they are irrelevant since her premise for this diatribe is ridiculous. Sure, this tragedy is being used in many ways for many purposes. But the idea that anybody is claiming George Floyd was a saint is such bull.
    It’s much simpler in my opinion. George Floyd was a flawed person, as we all are. What I saw when I finally watched all of the video available was a man – different from me by only a few decisions and circumstances – have the life slowly and gradually literally squeezed out of him. I saw one police officer continue this for no valid reason and even about two minutes after George Floyd was not even moving, and not even relenting until an EMT nudged him off, with three other police officers keeping people from trying to end the assault.
    Yes, George Floyd’s image is now appearing all over the country. But notice that the image you see most often is a simple selfie type picture. No sunbeams emanating from his head. No bible awkwardly clutched in his hand. He’s not even really smiling. It’s a picture of a man. A human being. At the very least this needless tragedy can bring attention to the fact that POLICE NEED BETTER TRAINING. To deny that simple fact by spouting mostly unrelated statistics, and adopting a mocking tone, made me sick and reeks of political bullshit just like we’d see from the extreme left or right.

  69. Candace is absolutely right. So well said. Black lives matter – but why were so many black lives destroyed by the rioters , so many decent hardworking black people lost their livelihood by the looters – don’t their black lives matter,too. The small businesses owners will struggle rest of their lives just to be able to survive. Where is the compassion
    towards these great black people?. These people all their lives obeyed the law and struggled to make a good living and then lost it all . These people are the real victims of this protest and unfortunately they are so many of them. These people’s black lives matter but nobody talks about these innocent victims. !!
    Candace, you are great, you say the truth – just like it is.
    Biden is fake and so are most of the democrats. Trump had the economy booming like never before and he would do it again.

  70. Amazing, People say Trumps a crook, wont win re-election. But they will vote for Biden who is a crook. Self admitted.

  71. Young lady you are ignorant. If you want to research , research more . The very problem with most black men becoming criminals is because of the frisk and search era of policing black neighborhoods. Kids young black men where stripped of their dignity and there rights by police that constantly stopped them in the streets while doing no crimes at all . Searched illegally at a young age young black men learned the hard way that the police was not there to protect them but to destroy them. You add that abuse to no jobs being black Balled and it makes you loose hope and makes you feel your country is not your country in fact you have no country. No one should have to be treated that way in there own and at their own home and in their own country . A lot of this guarded young a lot of young black man to become criminals. Do your research young lady and maybe you can help end racism.

  72. Sandra bland was a criminal the guy was running was a criminal as well right and all the other people was criminal as well

  73. Trump has long forgotten the 108,000 people that have died, or the race riots that are tearing this country apart. All he cares about right now is getting re-elected in November! How can you people back an arrogant racist that can’t make a decision except be there for his photo-opt. All he does is point at people and give the thumbs-up. A real a-hole,,,,,

  74. Candace is absolutely right. So well said. Black lives matter – but why were so many black lives destroyed by the rioters , so many decent hardworking black people lost their livelihood by the looters – don’t their black lives matter,too. The small businesses owners will struggle rest of their lives just to be able to survive. Where is the compassion
    towards these great black people?. These people all their lives obeyed the law and struggled to make a good living and then lost it all . These people are the real victims of this protest and unfortunately they are so
    many of them.
    Candace, you are great, you say the truth – just like it is.
    Biden is fake and so are most of the democrats. Trump had the economy booming like never before and he would do it again.

  75. Sheis a brilliant young lady I lived in a black community for 21 years a island in the West Indies….the locals (black)were so mean to one another mainly jealousy they did not want their neighbor to have better than them…saw it daily and when a black man was shot it was by another black man or gang Very Sad That’s where things have to change with the black community Stop KILLING EACHOTHER. TO TOP IT OFF THEY WHERE MOSTLY RELIGIOUS,! HELP How does this STOP?????

    • That is just a part of the real problem .racism is real and all of what you talk about stems from it.The only reason why black people can kill each other to begin with is because there black.

  76. The msm don’t give a damn about George Floyd or any black person ,the demon rat’ s and the elite are happy to see the unrest because they hate the President ; I hope and pray that he will become a father to the nation , the proof is in the putting and nobody can deny it ,the martyr was the 77 year old police Captain who was murdered a beacon of hope in his community. George Floyd died by a few bad apples and they will be held accountable.

  77. I do feel her hero comment about Kobe was off, but overall she hit the nail on the head. Y’all know it. Telling her to shut up, she doesn’t know jack etc. just further proves her point. She’s not condoning the actions of that police officer-nobody is, he was negligent and then some. If your ears were open, you’d know this.
    Well done, Candace. Very appreciative of your honesty. Now if we could only show some love and support for ALL races, this world would be a better place. Oh and for all you haters, I do wholeheartedly agree Mr. Floyd didn’t deserve to die. TRUTH.

  78. Thank you for allowing me to see that there is hope. Your voice must be heard. It’s important for a member of the black community to explain FACTS. Unfortunately when a white person like myself tries to explain facts, I’m labeled a racist and condemned for telling the truth. I am a form believer that ALL LIVES MATTER. We are all member of the human race. We need to remember that. Thank you again

  79. Candace Owens is a young black woman who has no clue concerning racial disparities. She has very little experience quite frankly to speak on the matter. Maybe she just want 15 minutes of fame on social media, that’s her prerogative. She has a lot of growing up to do. If you were to ask her who is “Jim Crow” she couldn’t tell you because she has never met him. She just need to be quiet and grow up.

  80. Very well said and I don’t think that Hennipen Ave. in Minneapolis Minnesota should be named after someone that was hooked on drugs etc.

  81. Who payed you to say that ? I don’t agree with a lot of what’s going concerning minorities in this country and I certainly don’t agree with you.

  82. It’s a shame that a black person that has a voice and a platform will say something like this.You don’t speak for me and many other black people. What world are you in ?It’s a fact that minorities or at a disadvantage in so many ways.When a black person gets a job they are looked at as incompetent and they have to prove themselves to be competent but a white person is looked at as competent and they will have to do something wrong before they’re Considered to be incompetent.get your head out of the clouds and look in the mirror. The way how are you talk I know you had a very privilege and sheltered life.

  83. Why don’t you tell us about when you filed a lawsuit about racism in your high school and got 30 something thousand dollars and while you at it say who payed you say this nonsense.

  84. So there is never a situation in which a police officer’s use of force or a deadly weapon is justified? And the young woman is not commenting on the Floyd case but merely pointing out that there are many issues besides cop killings that need to be addressed in order for a real change to take place. she is not disputing the treatment and struggles of her race. However, believes that much of their situation is due to inaction, lack of motivation, refusal to take any personal responsibility and actions which is impeding any chance of improvement. The violence, criminal activities, teenage pregnancy, drop out rates, .. all contribute to economic status. The Jews faced hundreds of years of persecution, discrimination and were victims of a mass genocide not 200 years ago but a mere 80. They did not dwell on the atrocities committed against them, demand reparations or blame future generations for ancestors actions. They fought for their own country, had a strong work ethic, put high value on family, education and staying true to their beliefs. They holocaust survivors were given reparations by Germany regardless of nationality. They used the money to bolster their economy, provide a stellar educational system which emphasized technology ( the Israelis developed the tech for cell phones) and developed one of the best military in the world. All of which they accomplished in less than 60 years after the end of World War 2. The bond of their religion, people and unwillingness to give up on their dream contributed to the strong country they are today. Her video was simply pointing out that change begets change and instead of contributing their situation to external factors perhaps they would be better off to use internal factors as reason for success.

  85. The same way would I feel if my child or loved one was killed by a stray bullet in a drive by shooting, shot and killed due to a disagreement that escalated, killed while being robbed, car jacked, or raped. I would not hold an entire race accountable. I also feel that the chances of any of my family being in any of those scenarios is drastically reduced due to police presence.

  86. Candace Owens, like most law abiding citizens has had enough with the liberal media. She speaks her truth. How many of us are willing to stand up against propaganda? This is called free speech. She did not ask that you accept her views, she merely practiced her right to speak and she told her truth. Yes, George Floyd was not an innocent man, but he did not have to die at the hands of a truly hateful man. She said that many times. Listen again.As for George Floyd, my husband and I both witnessed his arrest on television. We were screaming at the officers and praying at the same time that someone stop them. We watched in horror as George Floyd begged for his life. Officer Derek Chauvin ignored Mr. Floyd’s pleas for air and the officers around were trying to get Chauvin to turn him over. At this point Mr. Floyd was dead. I was not only disgusted but incredulous at the blatant lack of respect for human life Chauvin showed the world. It was the horrific smirk on Chauvin’s face that I will never forget. God sees inside of our hearts. He knows our every intent. Protesters saw a murder and took action. Rioters were hired by outside interests to spread even more hatred and violence. Not every ‘servant‘ of the public (city leaders, officers, judges) harbor racial hatred. Today’s average families are made up of many different races. The past is doomed to repeat itself as long as we keep it alive. Think about this. When we ask Christ for His forgiveness, we receive it. Satan is responsible for us looking back, not God. Pray for God’s Will in our lives, not man’s. I pray all of us seek to restore peace, justice and love for our the sakes of our children through God. But in the meantime, we should all begin with healing our own hearts first. God be with you all.

  87. As a Houstonian, GF is not a hero. He was incarcerated and sent to jail for 5 years. Do you know why? Based on the record, GF was arrested and charged with theft in 1998, and later with drug possession. In 2009, Floyd went to prison after pleading guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Does anyone understand those charges…? Imagine a stranger going in to your own home with a gun. After that he moved and started counterfeiting. When a police questions and arrests you…YOU SHOULD NOT RESSIST and follow every single instruction.
    Sorry to say…give me somebody who has a pristine and good moral background. GF was just another political pawn. May he rest in peace.
    I support peaceful protest, I support a good US economy, I support business owners trying to make a living, I support the US currency to be strong.

  88. The way he died was very wrong and I can see having a peaceful protest because of it, but not by setting fires and all the looting that has been done. When fires and looting is done your hurting people that live in that area. They no longer have work and no essential items that they can get in there neighborhoods. The most bothering is to name a street like Hennepin Avenue after him when that street was around for a long time and I don’t want my grandchildren thinking that if they have a criminal background they can have a street named after them. To me no criminal should have anything named after them!

  89. I think that the protesting is great in homer of what has happened, no one should ever die that way, but it should be peaceful and not starting fires and all the looting. When you set fires and loot everything you are then the ones hurting the people that live in that area. They no longer have a business, no work, and can no longer get essential items, and further more what bothers me the most is to ask that Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis Minnesota be changed to George Floyd’s name when he had drugs on him at the time of the arrest, and has a criminal background. No one in my mind should have ANYTHING named after them when they are a criminal.

  90. The arresting officer and another was white. The other two officers were Asian and Black. We do not know what was in the arresting officer’s heart, so we should not automatically assume racism. Cops often abuse their power, no matter who their dealing with. We should confront this issue as an issue with police brutality, unified as one race, the human race. We all bleed the same color.

  91. Gurrrl & you’re ignorant but you still have a right to freedom of speech…after all you sd about George Floyd no matter what his past he still was a human being that did not deserve to die like he did with that criminally insane murderer of a piece of cop’s knee in his neck!!! Don’t be a pawn in this vicious cycle of cops murdering blacks…do yourself a favor & think!!

  92. Kevin, all of this information is awesome. Thanks again for remembering Gary and O. J. but Jethro Phew of the Dallas Cowboys was Allen’s roommate at college. He and some of his friends play poker with me at the kitchen table and beat me good! I enjoyed partying with the Black players and their wives and girlfriends but the White players and their wives were cool too. First move to Buffalo we lived in Blasdell Motel where the whit wives kept me company while our husbands was outta town. Then we moved to a hotel downtown Buffalo with a Deli downstairs and finally to Town Gardens. (Blasedale or Blasdell. My spelling is off.)

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