California Offers to Back Pay and Pay More than 18 Month’s Rent For Tenants and Homeowners in Response to COVID


In California, a state-wide moratorium comes to an end this Friday. And many tenants could be evicted from their apartments and homes but only if they don’t know they can get immediate assistance.

Not only do tenants have options to continue to stay in their homes for an additional six months rent-free, but the state of California is also utilizing billions of federal dollars to pay people’s previous back rent as well dating back to April of 2020 because of COVID. 

State law simply requires that people can avoid being evicted from their homes by applying for assistance. To qualify For assistance candidates have to earn 80% of a little less of the area’s median income and have to have been affected by Covid this is basically a very easy requirement to get assistance.

One might ask how fair is this to people who have been working and paying their rent and with so many places in California in dire need of employees, how many of the people getting the easy assistance will be taking advantage of the state and local funds? How will the state police fraud? There is no answer to this question at this time but it’s extremely dire that California not add to the burgeoning homeless population that can be seen at almost every two blocks in the city. 

In addition, the state is paying nearly 3 billion more for those who can’t pay their rent or mortgages over 650 million has already been allocated and paid to 55,000 households and those who report they are not able to pay their rent or mortgage. Another 950 million is being processed for more assistance.

The state of California could get 1.8 billion more when the second round of funding comes in to play for unpaid rent which means they make it more than 26 months of assistance

While the federal eviction moratorium ended last month, state and local officials have found ways to find the money for rental assistance.

There’s also no deadline to apply for the money as the state will pay people’s rent for the next three months and if the tenant still can’t pay after that the state will continue to pay for another 3 months at this point and that could increase. 

A rep from the Housing Dept in California stated as long as people can’t pay their rent we will continue to pay it. The state has 5.2 billion to pay for all of this with money that is split between the state and local governments

Housing advocates worry many renters may not know about the protections and there have been situations where people have been evicted illegally even some situations where struggling landlords have (illegally) changed the locks on the doors for unpaid rent. This is because many tenants don’t understand their rights or the programs being offered.


The state has also stepped in paying $40 million for lawyers to help renters and homeowners avoid eviction and foreclosure and there’s another 40 million coming over the next two years 

The local government has also purchased radio and TV ads to tell tenants about the rental assistance program.


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