Byron Allen: No Regrets Calling President Obama a “White President in Black Face” Tavis Smiley Must Love it (vid)


Byron Allen has been on a rampage lately, in the process making himself more popular than ever. The once quiet millionaire has been behind the scenes making huge Hollywood deals for decades. No doubt, he’s seen corporate racism like few black people have and he’s apparently tired of being quiet about his feelings when it comes to black men in America.First, Allen desecrated Al Sharpton for allowing himself to be pimped out by corporations like Comcast. The usually sharp tongued Sharpton acquiesced in a way that made the allegations appear legitimate and his popularity and respect has taken a considerable nosedive. His low rated show on MSNBC show was rumored to finally be cancelled (it’s still on) and at least two families who were victims of racial violence allegedly demanded that he not contact them or participate in the press on their behalf. Now Allen is coming after President Obama for playing both sides of the fence when Allen feels he should be completely aware of the plight and severe discrimination of black men in this country who are no different than he is. Allen is especially upset that the President called the black men rioting in Baltimore “Thugs” a word that is deemed to be the new term for “Niggas.”ENT - Tavis SmileyTavis Smiley (pictured), to his credit, stated many of the same things that Allen is now saying much earlier in Obama’s presidency but Tavis paid a massive price for his statements. His segment on the Tom Joyner show was cancelled and he had a major fall out with Al Sharpton as well as a majority of the black community who thought Tavis was jealous of the present and pissed because Obama failed to show at Tavis’ event while he was running for President. Tavis’ statements went too far for many when he even wrote a book to discredit President Obama titled “Accountable: Making America as Good as Its Promise.” Smiley has all but disappeared from the major media except for an occasional appearance on a news show with mostly white hosts and his talk show on PBS. Below is an update of Allen’s comments.[flowplayer id=”152978″]



  1. I just searched online and saw no legitimate site saying Sharpton’s show is cancelled ,so why are you repeating what appears to be a lie?

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